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Jeremiah 40

Haydock's Catholic Bible CommentaryHaydock's Catholic Commentary

Verse 1

Word. This happened to Jeremias; (Raban) or the prophet rather interrupts what he was about to say, to let the reader know the state of affairs, when he was consulted about the journey into Egypt, chap. xlii. 9. --- Rama; probably in Benjamin, near Bethel, Judges xix. 12. (Calmet) --- In this last part, Jeremias foretells what would befall the Jews in Egypt, and other nations. (Worthington)

Verse 3

You, people of Juda. (Haydock) --- This pagan acknowledges that God had punished his people, (chap. xviii. 16.; Calmet) as Titus did at the last siege. (Josephus) (Haydock) --- He acknowledges the justice of God. (Worthington)

Verse 4

Eyes, with all kindness, chap. xxxix. 12. (Haydock) --- Before thee. Thou hast liberty to choose, Genesis xiii. 9., and xx. 15., and xxiv. 51.

Verse 5

And. Hebrew, "And as he (the people, or Godolias) will not return, dwell;" or, "He had not yet answered, when the general said: Return to Godolias." He perceived that the prophet was not desirous of going to Babylon; and he insinuated that such a step would not be for his advantage, as the captives would not return. --- Presents. He had been plundered like the rest.

Verse 6

Masphath; because it was near Jerusalem, and an ancient place of devotion. (Calmet)

Verse 7

Captains, who had fled from Sedecias, and effected their escape. (Josephus, Antiquities x. 11.)

Verse 9

With you. They might naturally suspect Godolias, and think that the Chaldeans would seize them as soon as they should know of their escape.

Verse 10

Answer. Hebrew, "stand before," as minister (Haydock) for the Chaldeans. You need not be jealous of my power; and I can answer that they will not hurt you, provided you continue quiet. (Calmet) --- He promises to act in behalf of the people, as a governor ought to do. (Worthington)

Verse 11

Countries. They had fled to avoid the taxes, &c., but found no redress, Lamentations i. 3.

Verse 13

Came, having discovered the design of Ismahel, whose ambition prompted him to murder the governor, that he might reign: as he was of the royal family, chap. xli. 1. (Calmet)

Verse 14

Baalis. Queen. (Grotius) --- The Ammonites sought the entire ruin of the Jews.

Verse 16

Do not. He did right in forbidding this assassination, which could never be authorized, even to prevent a similar crime. Godolias should have taken precautions: but he was too open, (Calmet) like Eumenes. (Grotius)

Verse 18


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