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Bible Commentaries
Jeremiah 44

Haydock's Catholic Bible CommentaryHaydock's Catholic Commentary

Verse 1

Magdal, the third station of the Israelites, (Exodus xiv. 2.) or another "tower" twelve miles from Pelusium, chap. xlvi. 14. --- Memphis, the capital of Nome, near the western banks of the Nile, and famous for its pyramids, which are standing, though the town be no more, chap. xlvi. 19. --- Phatures; perhaps in higher Egypt. Jeremias might go or send to these cities, this his last prediction, (Calmet) to reclaim his countrymen from idolatry. (Haydock)

Verse 2

Inhabitant: or the number is exceedingly small. (Calmet) --- All the Jews had retired. (Haydock) --- It would be well if people would reflect, how those who have given way to heresy and infidelity have been treated. (Worthington)

Verse 6

Forth, drop by drop, chap. xlii. 18. I have repeatedly warned them by punishments. (Haydock)

Verse 8

Gods. Their blindness and malice was inconceivable. They attribute their past miseries to the neglect of worshipping the moon! ver. 18. They may be compared to a mixture of iron and brass, which is put through the crucible in vain, chap. vi. 29., and Ezechiel xxii. 18.

Verse 11

Face, to punish grievously, Ezechiel iv. 3., and xx. 35. (Calmet) --- All did not perish, but the far greatest part, ver. 14, 28. (Worthington)

Verse 13


Verse 14

Desire and expectation, chap. xxii. 27. They meant to return as soon as the Chaldeans had left the country: but their hose were vain. The enemy would fall upon Egypt, after he had taken Tyre and the neighbouring provinces; and those who had not abandoned that country in time, would perish, ver. 12, 26. (Calmet)

Verse 17

The queen of heaven; the moon, which they worshipped under this name, (Challoner) as also under that of the Celestial Venus, (Theodoret) Diana, and Isis. It seems the Jews had engaged by vow (ver. 27.) to restore her worship. (Calmet) --- The women more particularly adored the moon: yet all were guilty, chap. vii. 18., and 4 Kings xxiii. 5. (Worthington)

Verse 18

Famine. They think nothing of the transgression of the law, &c., ver. 23. Could obduracy and blindness go greater lengths? (1 Machabees i. 12.)

Verse 19

Worship. Hebrew, "to represent." The cakes had a crescent on them. (Calmet) See Hesychius in Greek: selenai. --- Husbands. The women are most zealous. But all partook of this idolatry, chap. vii. 18. (Calmet)

Verse 21

Heart, or mind to punish you for idolatry. Sacrifices could be offered to the Lord only in his temple. (Haydock)

Verse 26

Liveth. They swore by his name as by that of idols. God could not abide such company. (Calmet) --- Not one of these obstinate Jews shall be spared, ver. 14. Others, like Jeremias, the Septuagint [translators], and the holy family, no doubt called upon the Lord in the land of Egypt. (Haydock)

Verse 30

Enemies. Herodotus (ii. 161, 169.) informs us that Apries reigned fortunately twenty-five years, when he lost many of his men fighting against the Cyreneans, and was dethroned by Amasis, and strangled by his subjects. Usher (the year of the world 3433) suspects that Amasis was assisted and confirmed by Nabuchodonosor, and he might this fulfill the prophecies, chap. xliii. 11., &c., and Ezechiel xxix., &c. Josephus (Antiquities x. 11.) and Berosus (contra Apion i.) assert, that Nabuchodonosor defeated and slew the king of Egypt, though Herodotus is silent on this subject, his account being communicated by the Egyptian priests, and full of fables. (Calmet)

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