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George Haydock's Catholic Bible Commentary

Psalms 60

Verse 1

Hymns. This denotes either the female musicians, or the instruments. (Calmet) --- David, under persecution, (Ferrand) the captains, (Ven. Bede; Calmet) or any one in the Church of Christ, (St. Augustine) may adopt this psalm, (Berthier) to thank God. (Worthington)

Verse 3

Earth of Palestine, (Berthier) when David was at Mahanaim. (Ferrand) (2 Kings xvii. 22.) (Haydock) --- The countries beyond the Euphrates may be so styled, Psalm lxiv. 6. --- Rock, by inspiring Cyrus to grant us liberty, (Calmet) or by sending Jesus Christ. (Eusebius) --- The church is firmly established; and, in all places, serves God. (Worthington)

Verse 5

Tabernacle. The words for ever seem to confine this to heaven, as the Fathers explain them, though they may also allude to a temporal protection (Berthier) in the temple. (Calmet) --- Wings. Chaldean, "of thy deity." Chaldean, I will continue a member of thy Church here, and be happy for ever. (Menochius)

Verse 6

Inheritance. David had both a temporal, and an eternal one in view. (Berthier) --- The captives express their gratitude for their deliverance. (Calmet)

Verse 7

King. They wish long life to the king, expecting that the predictions of the prophets insured to them temporal dominion. But when they saw Zorobabel possess no such splendour, they were naturally taught to extend their thoughts to the Messias, of whom the Chaldeans and ancient Jews, as well as the Fathers, explain this passage. (Calmet) --- Chaldean, "the days of the future world thou wilt add to the days of the king, the Messias. His years shall be like the generations of this world, and the generations of the world to come." Eternity is clearly meant. If David speaks of himself, and of his successors on the throne for many ages, he must be considered as a figure of Christ, who is also designated. (Berthier) --- The Church will continue to the end, and be triumphant throughout eternity. (Worthington)

Verse 8

Search? Who can comprehend what thou hast prepared for this king? He may allude to the promises made to David's family, (Psalm lxxxviii. 30, 38.; Calmet) which should reign for ever, by means of Christ. (Haydock) --- Who can explain the mercy of God in redeeming us; and his fidelity in granting his promised rewards? (Worthington)

Verse 9

Day. A Levite speaks, having dedicated himself by vow to serve God continually in his temple, after his return from Babylon, (Calmet) or David expresses his resolution to testify his gratitude, by sacrifice. (Haydock) --- I will sing psalms, &c., in this life, and for ever. (Worthington)

Verse 12


A prayer for the coming of the kingdom of Christ, which shall have no end.

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