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Mark 10

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Verse 1


Then Jesus left that place. His ministry in Galilee is now finished, and he leaves Capernaum, about to go to Jerusalem for the last time. See notes on Matthew 19:1-2.

Verse 2


Some Pharisees came to him. Somewhere on the east side of the Jordan. For notes about his teaching on marriage and divorce, see Matthew 19:3-13.

Verse 12


The woman who divorces het husband. Both Greek and Roman law allowed a woman to divorce her husband (1 Corinthians 7:13), but Jewish law did not. Jesus did not teach a double standard, but placed men and women on exactly the same level.

Verses 13-16


Some people brought children to Jesus. Women and children were treated as “second class citizens” in the world of the first century. The disciples scolded the people for wasting Jesus’ time with children. Note this made Jesus angry. He said: “Let the children come to me, and do not stop them.” See notes on Matthew 19:13-15, also Matthew 18:3-4.

Verses 17-22


A man ran up. Only Mark tells that “Jesus looked straight at him with love” (Mark 10:21). See notes on Matthew 19:16-22.

Verses 23-31


How hard it will be for rich people. See notes on Matthew 19:23-30. [A few late manuscripts add: “that trust in wealth.” Compare 1 Timothy 6:10.] Probably the “rich people” Jesus speaks of, are the ones mentioned by James 5:16. It would be very hard, but not impossible, to persuade such a person to “turn from sin.”

Verses 32-34


Who were filled with alarm. The Jewish leaders intend to kill Jesus! The disciples are filled with alarm by the fact that Jesus is placing himself in such danger. They are afraid of what they expect to happen. He told them. He had told this to them at least twice before. See notes on Matthew 20:17-19. They could not understand, because they expected him to be a political Messiah with an earthly kingdom.

Verses 35-45


Then James and John. Matthew says Salome their mother came to Jesus and spoke for them. See notes on Matthew 20:20-28. You don’t know what you are asking for. Their request was made through ignorance. They would see two criminals on crosses to the right and left of him. We often pray in ignorance, but as a Christian, we have the promise of Romans 8:26.

Verses 46-51


They came to Jericho. They were now across the Jordan and in Judea. For the healing of this blind man, see notes on Matthew 20:29-34.

Verse 52


Your faith has made you well. Bartimaeus showed his faith by: (1) going to Jesus; (2) believing that Jesus was the Messiah; (3) by persisting, even though scolded by many; (4) by throwing off everything that held him back; (5) by obeying Jesus when called to come; (6) by following Jesus and praising him, after he was healed.

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