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Commentary Critical and Explanatory on the Whole Bible

Psalms 138


:-. David thanks God for His benefits, and anticipating a wider extension of God's glory by His means, assures himself of His continued presence and faithfulness.

Verse 1

1. I will praise thee with my whole heart—(Compare Psalms 9:1).

before the gods—whether angels (Psalms 8:5); or princes (Exodus 21:6; Psalms 82:6); or idols (Psalms 97:7); denotes a readiness to worship the true God alone, and a contempt of all other objects of worship.

Verse 2

2. (Compare :-).

thy word above all thy name—that is, God's promise ( :-), sustained by His mercy and truth, exceeded all other manifestations of Himself as subject of praise.

Verse 3

3-5. That promise, as an answer to his prayers in distress, revived and strengthened his faith; and, as the basis of other revelations of the Messiah, it will be the occasion of praise by all who hear and receive it (Psalms 68:29; Psalms 68:31; Isaiah 4:3).

Verse 5

5. for great is the glory—or, "when the glory shall be great," in God's fulfilling His purposes of redemption.

Verse 6

6, 7. On this general principle of God's government (Isaiah 2:11; Isaiah 57:15; Isaiah 66:2), he relies for God's favor in saving him, and overthrowing his enemies.

knoweth afar off—their ways and deserts (Psalms 1:6).

Verse 8

8. God will fulfil His promise.

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Jamieson, Robert, D.D.; Fausset, A. R.; Brown, David. "Commentary on Psalms 138". "Commentary Critical and Explanatory on the Whole Bible". 1871-8.