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1 Chronicles 8

Sutcliffe's Commentary on the Old and New TestamentsSutcliffe's Commentary

Verses 1-40

1 Chronicles 8:1 . Benjamin, whose posterity are here copiously recorded, because of Saul’s family; because they remained in the kingdom of Judah after the secession of the ten tribes, and because they returned with Judah from Babylon.

1 Chronicles 8:7 . He removed them; that is, Gera removed them. When in grammar there are many antecedents, the verb is governed by that which immediately presedes.

1 Chronicles 8:29 . The father of Gibeon, the prince of the city of his birthright.

1 Chronicles 8:34 . The son of Jonathan was Meribbaal, the surname of Mephibosheth, for Jonathan had but one son. 2 Kings 2:4; 2 Kings 9:6.


Benjamin, as is largely recorded in the twentieth of Judges, was reduced to six hundred men. But when iniquity is purged, the blessings of the covenant seem to flow with a larger torrent for a temporary obstruction. Benjamin soon recovered; and as we here find, cut a considerable figure in the population of the kingdom. Past visitations have a good effect in causing a thoughtful mind to fear future sins.

Though the regal covenant was transferred from Saul to David, because of disobedience; and though his sons fell in battle, or died without issue; yet the loving, the faithful, and the valiant Jonathan had a branch preserved to perpetuate the faithfulness and lovingkindness of the Lord to his servant. Here we find this branch flourishing in the tenth generation, and in two great families which are named, and in others no doubt which are not named. Hence the covenant which Jonathan contracted with David, that David should not cut off his seed after the manner of victorious candidates for the throne, which covenant was renewed in the wood, 1 Samuel 23:16; this covenant, it now appears, was ratified in heaven. David was faithful on his part; and though Jonathan fell, God still lived, the witness and the guardian on the other part. Let us learn hence never to doubt the great and precious promises of grace, and never to distrust the care of providence which extends to all generations. How vain is the genealogy of princes. Their castles, their mausoleums, their posterity are moved away like the shepherd’s tent, or the Arab’s habitation. Let us look for a house not made with hands, eternal in the heavens.

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