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Psalms 96

Trapp's Complete CommentaryTrapp's Commentary

Verse 1

O sing unto the LORD a new song: sing unto the LORD, all the earth.

O sing unto the Lord a new song — For this new mercy of the ark now brought into Jerusalem from the house of Obededom, 1 Chronicles 15:25 , but especially of Christ, typified by the ark, who should be preached unto the Gentiles, believed on in the world, received up to glory, 1 Timothy 3:16 .

Sing unto the Lord, all the earth — Which they could not do aright till they had heard, believed, and were sealed, Ephesians 1:13 . Unbelievers can have no true notion of God but as of an enemy; and, therefore, all their verbal praises are but a black sanctus, suitable to such saints.

Verse 2

Sing unto the LORD, bless his name; shew forth his salvation from day to day.

Sing unto the Lord, … — David was at this time full of affection and exultation of spirit (insomuch as Michal mocked him for it, 1 Chronicles 15:29 ), and thence this heap of holy expressions to the same purpose. Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh.

Show forth his salvation — Evangelize, preach the gospel of salvation by Christ. See Psalms 40:10 2 Samuel 18:18 Isaiah 61:1 , where the same word is used.

From day to day — Other news delight us only at first hearing; but the good news of our redemption is sweet from day to day, ac si in eodem die redemptio fuisset operata, saith Kimchi here, as if it were done but today. Tam recens mihi nunc Christus est, saith Luther, ac si hac hora fudisset sanguinem, Christ is now as fresh unto me as if he had shed his blood but this very hour.

Verse 3

Declare his glory among the heathen, his wonders among all people.

Declare his glory — Heb. Cipher it up in the particulars, that God be no loser by you.

His wonders among all people — There is a world of wonders in the work of man’s redemption by Christ; and all other mercies meet in this, as the lines in the centre, streams in the fountain.

Verse 4

For the LORD [is] great, and greatly to be praised: he [is] to be feared above all gods.

For the Lord is greatVere magnus est Christianorum Deus, said Calocerius, a heathen; he is omni laude maior, et merito metuendus, saith David here, and elsewhere often. Sound out, therefore, and send abroad his worthy praises, that others may hear and fear.

Verse 5

For all the gods of the nations [are] idols: but the LORD made the heavens.

For all the gods, …Deunculi, deastri, those petty gods, those dunghill deities of the heathens, are nullities; indeed, they are devils, and those idols were their receptacles, and, as it were, their bodies, from whence in some places they gave oracles; but were silenced at Christ’s coming in the flesh, to the great amazement of their superstitious worshippers.

But the Lord made the heavens — With singular artifice, Hebrews 11:10 , using παση σοφιας μηχανη , every engine of wisdom (Clem. Alex. Paid. l. 1. c. 9).

Verse 6

Honour and majesty [are] before him: strength and beauty [are] in his sanctuary.

Honour and majesty are before him — These are his harbingers, and they go often coupled, as Psalms 104:1 Psalms 111:3 Psalms 145:5 Job 40:10 , … By the former, seemeth to be meant outward port and splendour; by the latter, inward reverence and respect following thereupon.

Strength and beauty are in his sanctuary — God’s glory shineth more in his Church than in all the world besides.

Verse 7

Give unto the LORD, O ye kindreds of the people, give unto the LORD glory and strength.

Give unto the Lord — See Psalms 29:1-2 . One rendereth it, Tribuite ponderose, unde éäá onus pondus portate; to show that our praises of God should be ponderous and substantial.

Verse 8

Give unto the LORD the glory [due unto] his name: bring an offering, and come into his courts.

Give unto the Lord the glory, … — It was hard for the heathens to forego their superstitions (Cicero resolved he would never do it, …), therefore they are here so pressed to it. See Revelation 14:6-7 , with the notes there. One expositor giveth this note here, Ternarius numerus est sacer ob mysterium Triadis; ideo enim eo scriptura gaudet. The Scripture oft presseth or expresseth things thrice over, in reference to the mystery of the holy Trinity.

Bring an offering — Reasonable service, Romans 12:1 ; spiritual sacrifices acceptable by Jesus Christ, 1 Peter 2:5 .

Verse 9

O worship the LORD in the beauty of holiness: fear before him, all the earth.

O worship the Lord, … — Supplicate proni, fall flat on your faces (Geneb.). See Psalms 95:6 .

In the beauty of holinessi.e. In his courts, as Psalms 96:8 , or in holy beauty, as some render it; that is, in true faith, and with good affections.

Fear before him — Rejoice before him with trembling, Psalms 2:11

Verse 10

Say among the heathen [that] the LORD reigneth: the world also shall be established that it shall not be moved: he shall judge the people righteously.

Say among the heathenProclamate undique praecones, …, Make proclamation everywhere, that now the Lord Christ reigneth; and that there shall be a general jubilee.

The world also shall be established — There is no true stability but where Christ reigneth; he will settle peace and good order, which the devil, that turbulent spirit, and his agents, desire to disturb, and to set all on a hurry comb.

Verse 11

Let the heavens rejoice, and let the earth be glad; let the sea roar, and the fulness thereof.

Let the heavens rejoice, … — Let there be a general joy for the general renovation by the coming of Christ, Romans 8:22 , after which the whole creation groaneth also. Basil and others by heaven, earth, …, understand angels, men of all sorts, as islanders, seamen, fieldmen, woodlanders, … Vel est similitudo ad denotandam in mundo pacem, saith Kimchi, Or it is a similitude to note peace all over the world. And surely when Christ came there was a universal aut pax aut pactio, saith Florus, peace or truce, under the government of Augustus.

Let the sea roar — Heb. thunder; Externo fragore et bombo testetur internam animi laetitiam, let it testify its joy perstrependo et reboando, by roaring its utmost.

Verse 12

Let the field be joyful, and all that [is] therein: then shall all the trees of the wood rejoice

Let the field be joyful, … — And so give check to the hardness of man’s heart, not at all affected with those benefits by Christ, wherein they are far more concerned than these insensible creatures; which yet have lain bedridden, as it were, ever since man’s fall, and earnestly wait for the manifestation of the sons of God, Romans 8:19 .

Verse 13

Before the LORD: for he cometh, for he cometh to judge the earth: he shall judge the world with righteousness, and the people with his truth.

Before the Lord: for he cometh, for he cometh — Certainly, suddenly, happily, …, for this is the sum of all the good news in the world, that Christ cometh and cometh; that is, saith Basil, once, to show the world how they shall be saved; and a second time, to judge the world for neglecting so great salvation, …

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