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Esther 5

Grant's Commentary on the BibleGrant's Commentary

Verses 1-14


(vv. 1-8)

After the three days of fasting, Esther's courage enabled her to enter the inner court of the king's palace, clothed in her royal robes. The king was sitting on his throne, and there is no doubt that God disposed his heart to hold out his golden scepter toward Esther. We can imagine the relief of her heart when he did this!Esther then approached and touched the top of the scepter.The kings's words to her were most magnanimous, offering her whatever she wanted, to the half of his kingdom! King Herod later made such a foolish promise to the daughter of Herodias because her dancing pleased him (Mark 6:22-23).But Esther did not take criminal advantage of the king as did the daughter of Herodias. She asked that the king and Haman would come that day to a banquet she had prepared (v. 4).

At the banquet, however, Esther did not divulge the purpose of her plans.The king asked her again what she desired, but she only asked for the presence of the king and Haman at a second banquet the next day, when she would make her request. Why did she do this?So that the pride of Haman would be built up to such a level that his fall would be that much greater.


(vv. 9-14)

Haman was sitting on cloud 9! He left the banquet with a joyful heart.Yet there was one matter that greatly annoyed him. Mordecai was in the kings' gate, evidently having changed from his sackcloth, but he gave Haman no recognition whatever (v. 9). So Haman's joy was spoiled by intense anger.He did not even comfort himself by the anticipation that Mordecai would be destroyed with all the Jews quite soon.

Returning home, Haman called for his friends as well as his wife to boast of how much wealth he had gotten, the children he had and his promotion to a place above all the princes of the kingdom.Besides this, he adds, "Queen Esther invited no one but me to come in with the king to the banquet that she had prepared, and tomorrow I am again invited by her, along with the king" (v. 12). Certainly the balloon was being over inflated, but Haman did not realize it was ready to burst!

Haman as picture of the antichrist

"Yet" he says, "all this avails me nothing so long as I see Mordecai the Jew sitting in the king's gate" (v. 13).Symbolically, Haman is a very striking picture of the coming , determined to destroy the people of Israel. Who is it who stands in his way? Certainly it is the true Christ, the Son of God, though Mordecai is but a faint type of the Lord Jesus, as will be seen very soon in this book.

Haman's wife and friends had a ready solution to his problem. Let him have a gallows made, 75 feet high!and ask the king to have Mordecai hanged on it.Thus he could have Mordecai killed before the rest of the Jews. This pleased Haman, so he had the gallows made(v. 14).Now he could anticipate having the deep pleasure of seeing his particular enemy suffer and die in the sight of all the people of Shushan!Thus everything was going to be to the advantage of this proud and wicked enemy of God!

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