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Galatians 3

Luscombe's Commentary on Selected Books of the NTLuscombe's NT Commentary

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Verse 1

Paul realizes that they have been hood-winked, tricked. They were not obeying the truths which had been preached to them.

Verse 2

Multiple Choice:

How did you receive the Spirit of God:

A. By works of the law?

B. By hearing of faith?

Verses 3-4

Have you lost your marbles? You can not leave the flesh, live in the Spirit of God, and then return to the flesh.

Verse 5

You have seen miracles done. Were they done under the law or by faith in Jesus?

NOTE: Remember, the point is not to eliminate all works. It is important that we obey. But, we must obey the current will of God.

Verses 6-7

All who live by faith are the spiritual children of Abraham.

Verse 8

All salvation comes by faith in Jesus (Jew and Gentile).

Reference is made here to Gen_12:3

Verse 9

They which be of faith, (ALL, Jews & Gentiles) are blessed.

Verse 10


Continuing in the law includes teaching them to others AND doing them yourself.

Verses 11-13

This is not how we are saved!

Hab_2:4 God has always asked for obedient faith.

Verse 12 references Lev_18:5

The law of Moses did not demand faith. Obedience to the law would bring blessings.

We are free from the demands of the law of Moses.

verse 13 references Deu_21:23

Verse 14

Gentiles who believe have the promise of justification.

Verse 15

When a contract is signed and sealed, it can not be altered. If we can not do this with human contracts, we can not change the will of God.

Verse 16

The argument is on the word used - singular or plural. It is proper to base our faith on the exact language.

Gen_12:7 ; Gen_13:16 ; Gen_15:5 ; Gen_17:7

Verse 17

The law was given 430 years after it was promised to the seed of Abraham.

That long delay does not void the promise of God. The contract is still in effect.

Verses 18-19

The promise was not part of law. It was before the law. It was for all who have the faith of Abraham.

Why did God give the law?

1.It was ADDED to existing law

2.Because of sin in Israel

3.To bring Israel to Christ

NOTE: The patriarchal law was not set aside at Sinai. The law of Moses was added to the patriarchal law. BOTH were set aside at the cross.

Verse 20

To be a mediator requires two other persons. Jesus is the mediator between God and us.

Verse 21

The law is not against the promise of God. It is part of that promise. The law was not an end in itself. If the law could fulfil the promise of God, Jesus' death would not be necessary.

Verse 22

All have sinned. Rom_3:23

God's promise is to all who have shown obedient faith.

Verse 23

The law was a state of preparation for the faith to be revealed.

Verses 24-25

Tutor - One who takes children from their home to shcool and protects them from harm.

Christ is the teacher. The law is the school bus driver to take Israel to the teacher. Once they are in the classroom, the bus driver is not needed. His work is finished.

Verse 26

You are God's children by faith, therefore, you are not under the tutor.

Verse 27

Baptism puts one "into" Christ and puts Christ "on" one.

Verse 28


1.Jew or Greek (Gentile)

2.Bond (slave) or free

3.Male or female

All become Christians under same terms and conditions.

1. Christ's=Seed of Abraham

2. Christ's=Heirs of the promise

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Luscombe, Manly. "Commentary on Galatians 3". Luscombe's Commentary on Selected Books of the NT. https://www.studylight.org/commentaries/eng/mlc/galatians-3.html. 2021.
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