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Bible Commentaries

Luscombe's Commentary on Selected Books of the NT

Galatians 2

Verses 1-2

The next time Paul was in Jerusalem, it was:

1.Under instruction from Jesus

2.With Barnabas and Titus

3.To declare success of ministry

4.To report on Gentile converts

5.Private - to avoid boasting

Verses 3-4

Titus, a Greek, Gentile.

Judiazers tried to force him to be circumcised.

(See Act_15:1 ) The case of Timothy was different. (See Act_16:1-3 ) There is a diference between a choice to avoid problems and obeying a false doctrine. They were trying to take away the liberty of Titus.

Verse 5

When it comes to false doctrine, do not "give an inch. "Give them an inch and they will take a mile." If not here, where? It not now, when?

Verse 6

Those who held high positions in the church.

High position does not alter the facts.

Paul is talking about those who led the conference in Act_15:1-41 .

Verses 7-8

They saw that I was to preach to the Gentiles and they were to continue with the Jews.

The same God who gave Peter power to work with the Jews, gave Paul the power to work among the Gentiles.

Verse 9

Full, complete fellowship. While the work was different, they would encourage and support each other.

Verse 10

Paul continued to raise funds for Jewish brethren. (See Rom_15:25-27 ; 1Co_16:1-2 )

Verses 11-13

Peter is not immune to sin. He is not an "infallible Pope."

Peter is guilty of "hypocrite in reverse." He was eating with Gentiles UNTIL some Jews came along. He pretended like he was not with the Gentiles.

Peter's action led others, even Barnabas, to go astray.

When no Jews were around, it was fine to eat with them. When the Jews showed up, the friendship with the Gentiles disappeared.

Verse 14

Peter was rebuked before all. Should this have been done in private?

Now, he was, by his actions, urging the Gentiles to conform to the law of the Jews.

Verses 15-16

Contrast - "Works of the law" and "the faith."

Law = Moses

"Faith" is the system of faith

No one is saved by obeying the law of Moses. This verse does not teach that we do not have to obey the will of Christ.

It does teach that the law of Moses is not in effect. The old law will not save us.

law shall no flesh be


Verses 17-18

Peter or Paul could sin.

If Paul allowed the Jews to get away with this, he would be a sinner.

Verses 19-20

See Rom_7:4-6 ; Col_2:20 .


1.Was crucified with Christ

2.Is alive

3.Is not the old Paul

4.Christ lives in him

5.Is still in the flesh

6.Lives by faith in Jesus

Verse 21

How can we "frustrate" the grace of God? How do we make the death of Christ vain?

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