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Mark 1

Luscombe's Commentary on Selected Books of the NTLuscombe's NT Commentary

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Verses 1-8

TITLE: John Preached Jesus TEXT: Mar_1:1-8 PROPOSITION: John the Baptizer preached Jesus. QUESTION: What? KEY WORD: Messages SCRIPTURE READING: Same John the Baptizer - 1-6

1. The gospel (good news) begins with John preparing the way. (1)

2. Quotes from Mal_3:1 and Isa_40:3 (2-3)

3. John baptized and preached (4)

4. Popular - many went out to be baptized and hear him preach (5)

5. NOT GQ - dress - camel's hair, leather belt; ate - locust and honey (6)

John Preached Jesus - 7-8

1. I am not the one to follow - (See 1Co_11:1 )

2. Humble - I am not worthy to untie his shoes

3. I baptize you with water

4. He comes with power of the Holy Spirit

Jesus has the power of the Holy Spirit (power)

1. Joh_3:34 - beyond measure

2. Col_1:19 - In him all the fullness should dwell

3. Joh_1:16 - Of his fullness we have all received

4. Joh_1:14 - Full of grace and truth

5. Col_2:9-10 - Fullness of godhead bodily; you are complete in him

Verses 9-11

TITLE: Why was Jesus baptized? TEXT: Mar_1:9-11 PROPOSITION: Jesus was baptized to obey God. QUESTION: Why? KEY WORD: Reasons SCRIPTURE READING: Same INTRODUCTION:

1. Jesus came from Nazareth

2. Went to Jordan River to be baptized

3. John was baptizing “for the remission of sins”

4. Jesus was sinless. Why was he being baptized?

Where he came from - 9

1. Nazareth - Mat_2:23 dwelt in a city called Nazareth

2. He was known as “Jesus of Nazareth”

3. Joh_1:46 - Can any good thing come from Nazareth?

He was not a Nazarite (the vow of separation)

1. Most vows promised some thing (money, animal, gift)

2. Study Nazarite vow - (means “separation”) Num_6:1-8

3. Samson - Jdg_13:5 = Nazarite for life

4. For some - temporary - until promise was fulfilled

5. For others - lifetime promise

6. Jesus was not under this vow - touched dead bodies and drank grape juice

What he did - 9-10

1. Was baptized - immersed

2. Came up from the water

3. John was baptizing “for the remission of sins”

4. Jesus was sinless - 1Pe_2:22 ; Isa_53:9 ; 2Co_5:21

5. From Mat_3:13-17 - “fulfill all righteousness” (God commanded it)

What he saw and heard - 10-11

1. Saw the Spirit descending upon Him (not a dove)

2. Voice from heaven

3. You are My beloved Son

4. I am well pleased (glad, happy)

5. NOTE : Here are represented all 3 in the trinity

Verses 12-13

TITLE: Jesus Under Temptation TEXT: Mar_1:12-13 PROPOSITION: Jesus was tempted like we are tempted. QUESTION: How? KEY WORD: Parts SCRIPTURE READING: Same INTRODUCTION:

1. Heb_4:15 - tempted in all points

2. Many think because Jesus did not sin that he COULD NOT SIN

3. Quote from W. E. Best - See below

4. Our text tells us 5 parts of temptation

Drove into the wilderness

1. When baptized - most vulnerable

2. Immediately - next event

In the wilderness 40 days

1. Why 40 days?

2. Wilderness = separated from protection

3. Moses, Elijah and Jesus fasted 40 days

Tempted by Satan

1. Not tempted by God - Jam_1:13-15

2. Discuss - tempted = tested or tried vs. tempted = enticed to wrong

3. Satan is the tempter

4. A test comes from the heart of a teacher wanting a student to learn

5. A temptation comes from the heart of an enemy wanting us to fail

6. A trial comes from the heart of a judge wanting the truth to prevail

With wild beasts

1. With temptations (entice to do evil) there are wild beasts

2. Doubts, fears, worry, lack of knowledge, danger, lusts, hatred, anger

Angels ministered to him

1. Victory is celebrated

2. Angels rejoice when a sinner repents (or avoids sin)

W. E. Best, Christ Could Not Be Tempted - Temptation has no power over a perfect Person, but it does over a depraved person. Jesus Christ, during his days in the flesh, was holy, harmless, undefiled, and separate from sinners ( Heb_7:26 ). To suggest that He had a nature subject to sin is nothing short of blasphemy. On the other hand, depraved men are capable of sin because they have a mind tht is ready to receive an evil suggestion.” Page 13

Verses 14-34

TITLE: Preaching, Calling, and Helping TEXT: Mar_1:14-34 PROPOSITION: Jesus shows us how to evangelize. QUESTION: How? KEY WORD: Methods SCRIPTURE READING: INTRODUCTION:

1. How would you being a new ministry? Do? Say? How to begin?

2. Most of our discussions are about what methods (filmstrips, OBS, safety chain)

3. Here are 3 ways our Lord began.

Preached - 14-15

1. He spoke publicly - went to the people - not wait for people to come to us

2. He preached gospel (good news)

3. He informed them about the coming kingdom of God (the church)

4. He urged repentance

5. He urged faith

6. He urged an immediate response - “The time is fulfilled”

Called - 16-20

1. Simon and Andrew- 16-18 - I will make you fishers of men

2. James and John - 19-20 - left immediately

3. We - want to think about it, hear more, study more lessons, delay

Helped - He Met needs - 21-34

1. Cast out unclean spirit - 21-28

2. Healed Peter's mother-in-law - 29-31

3. Various diseases - 32-34

Conclusion : If we want to see this church grow:

1. Preach / Teach on every occasion you have

2. Call them to respond

3. Meet their needs

Verses 40-45

TITLE: The Spleen of Jesus TEXT: Mar_1:40-45 PROPOSITION: Jesus was a man of compassion and action. QUESTION: When? KEY WORD: Circumstances SCRIPTURE READING: Same INTRODUCTION:

1. If we are to follow Jesus, we must have his spleen.

2. We should have Jesus' mind (thinking) - Php_2:5

3. Follow His example - 1Pe_2:21

4. We should imitate his mouth and speech - 1Pe_4:11 ; 1Ti_6:3

5. Greek word for “compassion” is splagchnon splangkh'-non - strengthened from splen (the "spleen"); an intestine (plural); figuratively, pity or sympathy:--bowels, inward affection, + tender mercy.

6. Heart = feeling love, affection; Spleen = much deeper (more intense) emotions

7. Jesus was often “moved with compassion”

Circumstances of Jesus having compassion:

1. Leper (unclean) - Mar_1:41

2. Weary and scattered (no direction) - Mat_9:36

3. Sick (caregivers) - Mat_14:14

4. Hungry - Mat_15:32 ; Mar_8:2

5. Blind - Mat_20:34

6. Death - Luk_7:13 (widow of Nain's son)

7. Forgiving - Mat_18:27 (forgive the debt)

8. Prodigal Son returns - Luk_15:20 (run and kiss him)

9. Lost - Mar_6:34 (He began to teach them many things)

Application for us:

1. Php_1:8 - We must have the “spleen” of Jesus

2. 1Jn_3:17 - shut up your spleen - Can love of God dwell in you?

3. Php_2:1-2 - If you have any spleen left - love one another



1. Under the law of Moses - lepers were to be avoided

2. Num_5:1-3 - put them out of the camp

3. Lev_13:43-46 - Live in isolation (whole chapter on leper rules)

4. Let's talk about four “ shuns” of Jesus in our text.

Submission - 40

1. If you are willing

2. Not in a position to demand, plead, beg, order

3. Some prayers are not answered because - no submission.

4. Jesus in the Garden - Mat_26:42

5. 2Co_9:13 - submit to the gospel

6. Eph_5:21 - submit to one another

Compassion - 41

1. Previous sermon on this word - the spleen - bowels

2. Center of inward affection, tender mercy, compassion

3. Cannot remove emotion from our religion

4. Reached out

5. Touched him

6. Responded - “I will, be clean.”

Purification - 42

1. There are specific rules about how to be cleansed after leprosy

2. Cleanse - literally or figuratively

3. We must be cleansed - declared clean

4. 1Jn_1:9 - He will cleanse us from all sin

5. Jam_4:8 - Cleanse your hands, sinners

6. 1Th_4:7 - God has not called us to uncleanness

Compulsion - 44-45

1. Told to obey the law

2. Charged to tell no man - How do keep a secret?

3. He began to tell everyone

4. 2Co_5:14 - Love of Christ compels us

5. 2Co_5:11 - Knowing the terror of the Lord - we persuade men

6. Jer_20:9 - Fire in my bones, I could not contain

Question - Why command him to say nothing?

1. Reverse psychology - “Can't eat this spoonful” Tell a child he can't and he will.

2. If he was told to tell others - it would be a seen as a publicity stunt

3. Jesus sought to avoid any notion he was seeking praise or glory for his work

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