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Luscombe's Commentary on Selected Books of the NTLuscombe's NT Commentary

- Mark

by Manly Luscombe

TITLE: Jesus in Mark TEXT: Mar_1:9-11 PROPOSITION: The Gospels give depth to the person of Jesus. QUESTION: How? KEY WORD: Descriptions SCRIPTURE READING: Same


1. This sermon is #100 - the final sermon in the series on Mark

2. This series began 8/01 - It is not the first week of 11/02

3. Just over 1 year and 2 months

4. I had 2 purposes in doing this series

A. I had never been challenged to preach on every verse of a book before.

B. I wanted to emphasize Jesus - life, work, person, deity, and power of Jesus

C. 65 (including this one) of the 100 focused on Jesus

Attribute of Jesus Title Mark Power beyond measure John preached Jesus 1:1-8 Obedience Jesus was baptized 1:9-11 Tempted like we are Temptation 1:12-13 Met people’s needs Preaching, calling, helping 1:14-34 Compassionate Spleen of Jesus 1:40-45 Can’t keep Jesus secret Shun the Leper 1:40-45 Forgives sins Who can forgive? 2:1-12 More important mission Never saw Him 2:1-12 Loved the lost Eating with sinners 2:13-17 Lordship Jesus is Lord 2:23-28 Angry Looks of Jesus 3:1-6 Had close friends Inner Circle 3:13-19 Levels of fellowship Who is my brother? 3:31-35 Appealed to all Audio, visual, kinetic 4:21-25 Power of Jesus How does garden grow? 4:26-29 Jesus was not worried Do you care? 4:35-41 Confess those who confess Confessing Christ 5:6-9 Tender touch Touched Me 5:21-2-34 Offends some people Who is this man? 6:1-3 Amazed - surprised Jesus was amazed 6:4-6 More than a prophet Herod and John 6:14-29 Under stress Stress - Cause and Cure (2) 6:30-44 Not overlook you Pass me not 6:45-56 Inner spirit Recognize Jesus? 6:51-54 Doing good Not be hidden 7:24 Master-of-all-trades Done all things well 7:36-37 Expressed emotions Deep in his spirit 8:9-12 Get away Out of town 8:22-26 Ups and downs Hills and valleys 8:27-33 Jesus is head of church Build 3 churches 9:1-8 Power over death What is resurrection? 9:9-13 Humility Who is greatest? 9:31-37 Small things matter One of His 9:38-41 Loved children Who is the child? 10:13-16 Master teacher Teachers and students 10:17-22 Can do the impossible Impossible made possible 10:23-27 Faced a challenge Way to Jerusalem 10:32-34 Answer prayer What do you want? 10:35-36 Answers requests Want from me? 10:46-52 Jesus needs us Lord needs it 11:1-7 Jesus saves Hosanna 11:7-11 Curses the unfruitful Nothing but leaves 11:12-21 All authority By what authority? 11:27-33 Rock solid Jesus the Rock 12:1-12 Image is everywhere Whose image is on it? 12:13-17 Son of God and man Son of seven 12:35-40 Jesus knows the heart Watching the treasury 12:41-44 Suffered hatred Hated by all 13:12-13 Counselor Jesus’ advice 13:14-19 Keeps his promise Jesus is coming 13:31-37 Appreciated kindness Alabaster box 14:1-9 Jesus is the lamb Passover 14:12-16 Cup of Redemption Last supper 14:22-26 Good shepherd Scattered sheep 14:27-31 Under extreme anguish Sweating blood 14:32-42 Suffered pain Arrest and trial 14:43-65 Hurt by denial Rooster crowed 14:66-72 Mocked King is crowned 15:16-23 Died Crucified 15:24-38 Buried Buried 15:42-47 Raised from the dead Resurrection happenings 16:1-11 Proved his resurrection He appeared 16:9-14 Commanded his army You go 16:15-16

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