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Mark 3

Luscombe's Commentary on Selected Books of the NTLuscombe's NT Commentary

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Verses 1-6

TITLE: The Look of Jesus TEXT: Mar_3:1-6 PROPOSITION: Sometimes a look is more revealing than words. QUESTION: How? KEY WORD: Looks SCRIPTURE READING: Same INTRODUCTION:

1. A look can reveal much about our feelings and emotions.

2. Mark (more than all other writers combined) tells us about the looks of Jesus.

Anger - Mar_3:5

1. Jesus got angry Eph_4:26 Be angry and do not sin

2. Jesus did not sin 1Jn_3:5 - in Him is no sin

Grieved - Mar_3:5

1. Many things make us sad, grieved, and disappointed.

2. Jesus was grieved and he let them know by his look.

Relationship - Mar_3:34

1. Look of friends, family, lovers

2. Jesus looked - This is my family.

God - Mar_6:41

1. Not about posture in prayer.

2. It is about direction.

Rebuke - Mar_8:33

1. Peter rebuked Jesus 8:32

2. Jesus turned around - looked at disciples - Do the rest of you think this?

3. Then he rebuked Peter.

Love - Mar_10:21

1. Rich ruler - Jesus looked - liked what he saw

2. What does Jesus see in your heart?

Heart - Mar_12:14

1. Not regard (look) at the face but at the heart.

2. Man looks at externals - God sees hearts 1Sa_16:7


1. How would Jesus look at you?

2. What does Jesus see when he looks at you?

Verses 13-19

TITLE: The Inner Circle TEXT: Mar_3:13-19 PROPOSITION: Friendship is deeper than being part of the crowd. QUESTION: What? KEY WORD: Relationships SCRIPTURE READING: Same INTRODUCTION:

1. In our lifetime we have many different relationships.

2. Some are close, personal, intimate.

3. Others are very distant and casual.

4. Today we examine the relationships of Jesus and our own.

Jesus Circle of friends:

1. Multitudes (3:7)

2. Disciples (3:13)

3. Apostles (3:14)

4. Inner circle (Peter, James and John)

1. Transfiguration ( Mat_17:1 )

2. Teaching about Jerusalem and 2nd Coming ( Mar_13:3

3. Into a mountain to pray ( Luk_9:28 ))

4. Garden to pray ( Mat_26:37 )

5. Witness a miracle ( Mar_5:37 )

Our Circle of friends:

1. Acquaintances - recognize the name, heard of them

2. Associates - work, social contact

3. College final exam - What is the name of the lady who mops the floors in this building?

4. Contacts - learn their name and have some connection

5. Parents with son on same team of little league

6. Brad in tech support at People PC

7. Friends - some association - been in their house, ate a meal together

8. Youth devotional, play golf together, share some activity or event

9. Close friends - 3 or 4 in a lifetime

10. Relatives - family, blood kin

11. Close relatives - immediate family


1. Sheet of paper - Inner circle / Outer circle - Place dot where you are:

1. Involved in this church - Where do you “fit in”?

2. Relationship with Jesus - Where are you? Inner circle? Outer limits?

2. Is your inner circle of friends closed or open?

Verses 28-30

TITLE : Point of No Return TEXT : Mar_3:28-30 PROPOSITION : Every sin confessed will be forgiven. QUESTION : What? KEY WORD : Definitions READING : Same INTRODUCTION : 1. Much misunderstanding about the unpardonable sin. 2. What is it? Have I done it? 3. Examine the definitions of this subject. Specifics of this incident A. The charge - He casts out devils by Beelzebub. 22 B. The response - 3 arguments

1. Can Satan cast out Satan? house divided 23-26

2. Robber must overpower to rob the house. 27

3. All sin is forgiven. 28

[a] 1Jn_1:7 "cleanse from ALL sin"

[b] 1Jn_1:9 "IF we confess"

[c] ALL sin CONFESSED is forgiven.

C. The result 1. Blaspheme = contemptuous speech, rail, revile [a] Not just "to speak against" [b] IS: Total, complete rejection, contempt 2. Holy Spirit [a] God the Father - Patriarchal Age [b] God the Son - Mosaical Age [c] God the H. S. - Christian Age 3. Never has forgiveness. WHY? [a] Will not seek forgiveness. Heb_6:4-6 [b] Will not confess sin. 1Jn_1:9 [c] NOT - Unpardonable BUT - Unpardoned Learn some important truths A. There is a point of no return. Don't pass it. B. God is ALWAYS ready to forgive. C. We are not always ready to seek forgiveness. D. Reject, reject, reject - run out of offers. E. If you are concerned - have not gone too far!

Verses 31-35

TITLE: Who is my brother? TEXT: Mar_3:31-35 PROPOSITION: We have several relationships with others who are related to God. QUESTION: How? KEY WORD: Relationships SCRIPTURE READING: Same INTRODUCTION:

1. Jesus had a physical family - mother, father, brothers, sisters.

2. He had an extended family - aunts, uncles, cousins, etc.

3. He had a spiritual family - disciples, apostles, followers

4. Question for today: Who is my brother?

There is a brotherhood of: Man

1. All humans are created by God

2. We have a common source - Adam and Eve ( Gen_3:20 )

3. We share with all others our world, environment, temptations, sins, war, etc.


1. In the USA, 98% believe in God, and Jesus as the Son of God.

2. About 80% of us believe the Bible is the Word of God.

3. We share a common faith, hope, desire of heaven, morals, value of life.

Obedient Believers

1. Many believers do not obey. (Satan among them. Jam_2:19 )

2. Those who believe AND obey (Song: Trust and Obey) have a special bond.

3. Heb_5:8-9 - Son learned obedience, author of eternal salvation to those who obey him

4. Mat_7:21 - Say Lord, but do the will of the Father in heaven

Faithful (Brotherhood)

1. Rev_2:10 - be faithful unto death

2. All around the world are strong, dedicated, faithful Christians.

3. They are my family.

Involved, Dedicated

1. Beyond faithful - Dedicated

2. More than show up in attendance - work, give, involved

3. Family bond = those you work with in some endeavor

Local Congregation

1. Each local congregation has its own personality

2. Programs, mission involvement, work projects

3. Share in my sorrows and joys

4. Support, encourage, correct, edify, rebuke

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