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Romans 3

Luscombe's Commentary on Selected Books of the NTLuscombe's NT Commentary

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Verses 1-20


1. Was anyone (Jew or Gentile) justified on their own merit?

a. Were Jews or Gentiles saved by their own power?

i. Both are under sin

ii. How bad was their sin?

1. None righteous

2. None that understands

3. None that seeks good

4. All turned aside

5. None that does good

6. Other characteristics:

a. Throat an open grave

b. Tongues lie

c. Poison in their lips

d. Cursing and bitterness

e. Feet swift to shed blood

f. Destruction and misery

g. Not know way of peace

h. No fear of God in their eyes

b. Did they Jew have an advantage over the gentiles?

i. Yes.

ii. They had the written revelation.

c. Did the Jews take advantages of their blessing?

i. Some were without faith

ii. Some were faithless

d. Why didn't the law help?

i. Law stopped their mouth without excuse or reason for their disobedience

ii. How did the law stop their mouths?

1. Brought knowledge of sin

2. Works will not justify anyone

e. How did the Jews explain away their sins?

i. Their badness brought out God's goodness

1. God remained faithful

2. Shows how good God is

3. Not saying, Do evil so good will come

ii. What reply did Paul make to this argument?

1. How can God judge the world?

2. Why condemn me for being a sinner?

2. What may we conclude?

a. Gentiles are in sin and ignorance

b. Jews had greater advantage and knowledge

c. Both groups are condemned before God.

Verses 21-31


1. How can one be justified by faith?

a. Justification by faith as related to the law

i. Was justification tied to the law?

1. Apart from the law 21

2. Apart from works of the law 28

ii. Was justification by faith limited to Jew or gentiles?

1. No distinction 22

a. All have sinned 23

b. Jews and Gentiles 3:9

2. God is impartial

a. He is God of both Jew and gentile 29

b. Both are justified by faith 30

iii. What about those who lived before Christ?

1. God "passed over" their sins 25

2. Passed over

a. See Act_17:30

b. Did God "really" forgive sins then?

3. Forbearance

a. Tolerance, long-suffering

b. Rom_2:4

iv. Why was it necessary for Christ to die for sin?

1. Showed God's righteousness in passing over sins

2. Showed that God was Just and the justifier 26

v. Is there room for human pride in salvation by faith?

1. What is meant by saying that the works of the law could not exclude glorying?

a. It is done apart from the law 28

b. Grace - leaves no room for boasting

c. Man has earned nothing.

2. What may we conclude them?

a. All men sinned 23

b. Man cannot appeal to anything he has done

c. This is not in contradiction to the law

d. Justification by faith

i. Does not come through the law

ii. Is independent of the law

iii. Is available to both Jew and gentile

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