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Saturday, December 2nd, 2023
the Week of Christ the King / Proper 29 / Ordinary 34
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Romans 2

Luscombe's Commentary on Selected Books of the NTLuscombe's NT Commentary

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Verses 1-16


1. Is anyone going to escape the judgment of God?

a. What does Paul mean when he says, "There is not respect of persons with God?"

i. Good and bad will be judged with fairness

ii. The bad shall be judged

1. Factious, obey not the truth

2. Wrath on those who work evil

3. They store it up

iii. The good shall be judged

1. Glory, honor, eternal life

2. Peace to all that do good

iv. The goodness and long-suffering of God should lead all to repentance.

v. God will judge the secret things of men

b. By what standards of judgment?

i. Every man's work

ii. To Jew and Greek

1. Chronological order?

2. Jew first = stiffer judgment

c. What about the man who feels morally good enough to judge another?

i. In judging others, you condemn yourself

ii. God will judge all by truth

d. What about those under the law?

i. Sin under the law = judged under the law

ii. Doers of the law are justified

iii. Law condemned violators

e. What about those not under the law?

i. Sin without law = judged without law

ii. Is it fair to judge gentiles who did not have the law of Moses?

2. What kind of conclusions can we draw from this passage?

a. God will judge all men.

b. Judgment will be fair, based upon the law under which he lived.

c. No man will escape the judgment of God.

Verses 17-29


1. What is the difference between an inward Jew and an outward Jew?

a. What was an outward Jew?

i. Circumcised

ii. Good self-image

1. Name Jew means a lot to him

2. Rested in the law

3. Saw himself as the guide to all men

iii. Proud of his knowledge

1. Thought he knew God

2. Likes what is excellent

3. Instructed in the law

iv. Inconsistent in practice and preching

1. Stealing

2. Commit adultery

3. Idolatry

v. Hurt God's reputation with others

1. Glory in the law

2. Violate that law

b. What was an inward Jew?

i. Doer of the law

ii. Circumcised in heart and spirit

iii. Could a gentile be an inward Jew?

1. Yes 26

2. Obey the law 26

3. They will judge the outward Jew 27

2. What life application do you see here?

a. What would an outward Christian be?

i. Baptized

ii. Glories in his baptism

iii. Proud of knowledge that others are lost

iv. Fails to live up to the title

b. What would an inward Christian be?

i. Baptism is more than a ritual

ii. Not putting away filth of the flesh

iii. Practices what he preaches

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