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2 Chronicles 7

Poole's English Annotations on the Holy BiblePoole's Annotations



Fire from heaven, and a glory in the temple, witness the Divine acceptance: the people worship, 2 Chronicles 7:1-3.

Solomon’s solemn sacrifice, 2 Chronicles 7:4-7.

Having kept the feast of tabernacles, and the feast of the dedication of the altar, he dismisseth the people, 2 Chronicles 1:8-11.

God appeareth to Solomon; promiseth his favour on obedience; else threateneth grievous judgments, 1 Chronicles 7:12-22.

Verse 1

The fire came down from heaven, in token of God’s acceptance of his prayer. See Poole "Leviticus 9:24"; See Poole "1 Kings 18:38", &c. The glory of the Lord, i.e. the cloud, which was the sign of God’s glorious and gracious presence.

Verse 3

The cloud first came down upon the house, and then entered into the house, and was seen both within it by the priests, and without it by the people.

Verse 6

When David praised by their ministry; for David composed the psalms or hymns, 1 Chronicles 16:7, and appointed them to be sung by the Levites, and instrumental music to be joined to their voices.

Verse 7

Of this and verses 8-10, See Poole "1 Kings 8:61", etc.

Verse 13

If I command the locusts, i.e. use my authority and power over them to cause them to do so. A metaphor elsewhere used in reference to unreasonable creatures, as 1 Kings 17:4; Amos 9:3, who are not properly capable of a command, or of obedience.

Verse 15

Or, that shall be made in or towards this place; for he speaks of the answers which he will give to the prayers which shall be made here. Heb. of this place.

Verse 16

Of this verse and the rest of this chapter, See Poole "1 Kings 9:3", &c.

Bibliographical Information
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