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Poole's English Annotations on the Holy Bible

2 Chronicles 8


Solomon’s buildings, 2 Chronicles 8:1-6.

The heathen who remained in the land he maketh tributaries; but the Israelites rulers, 2 Chronicles 8:7-11.

His yearly solemn sacrifices: he appointeth to the priests and Levites their places, 2 Chronicles 8:12-16.

The navy fetcheth gold from Ophir, 2 Chronicles 8:17,2 Chronicles 8:18.

Verse 2

Which Huram had restored to Solomon; which Solomon gave to Huram, who not being pleased with them, 1 Kings 9:12,1 Kings 9:13, here returns them to him again.

Verse 4

Of this and the following verses, See Poole "1 Kings 9:17", &c.

Verse 11

Not because every place where once the ark came was thereby consecrated to God, and night not after the ark was gone be put to any common use; for then both the house of Obed-edom and all other places where the ark either rested or passed were made holy thereby, and unlawful for men to dwell in; but either,

1. Because she was a woman, and attended by many other women, who besides the common pollutions of all, are subject to many and frequent ceremonial pollutions peculiar to their sex, and either she, or at least many of her followers, might be heathens at this time; and therefore he thought it indecent that such persons should come as it were in God’s stead, and succeed him in the place where he had dwelt. Or,

2. He speaks not of the time when the ark was gone, but whilst it was there; and these words contain a reason not of the more remote words, why he now brought her up thither, but of the words immediately preceding, why

he built this house

for her; because the ark was now in the house of David, which therefore, ought to be kept pure and free from the very danger and appearance of pollution.

Verse 14

The man of God, i.e. a prophet inspired by God in these matters, whose commands therefore are the commands of God.

Verse 16

All the work of Solomon was prepared; all the materials were procured, and in all points squared, and fitted, and completed beforehand.

Verse 17

Of this and the next verse, See Poole "1 Kings 9:26", &c.

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