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Bible Commentaries

Poole's English Annotations on the Holy Bible

Isaiah 12



A thanksgiving of the faithful for their redemption.

Verse 1

In that day; when this great work of the reduction of God’s Israel, and of the conversion of the Gentiles, promised in the foregoing chapter, shall be fulfilled.

Verse 2

God is my salvation; my salvation hath not been brought to pass by man, but by the almighty power of God.

Verse 3

Your thirsty and fainting souls shall be filled with Divine graces and comforts, which you may plentifully draw from God in the use of gospel ordinances, which was oft signified by water, both in the Old and in the New Testament. He seems to allude to the state of Israel in the wilderness, where when they had been tormented with thirst, they were greatly refreshed and delighted with those waters which God so graciously and wonderfully afforded them in that dry and barren land, Numbers 20:11; Numbers 21:16-18.

Verse 4

Among the people; in all the earth, as it follows, Isaiah 12:5; unto the Gentile world, who shall partake in the blessing, and will join with you in the praising of God for it. The knowledge of this glorious work of our redemption

Verse 5

The knowledge of this glorious work of our redemption by the Messiah shall no longer be confined to Israel’s land, as it hitherto hath been; but shall reach to all nations.

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Poole, Matthew, "Commentary on Isaiah 12". Poole's English Annotations on the Holy Bible. 1685.