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Isaiah 12

Coke's Commentary on the Holy BibleCoke's Commentary



A joyful thanksgiving of the faithful for the mercies of God.

Before Christ 713.

Verses 1-6

Isaiah 12:1-6. In that day thou shalt say Isaiah concludes this most noble prophesy, with a eucharistic doxology from the mouth of those who would share in the blessings of the great redemption before specified. This doxology is twofold; in the first part, the faithful in their own name and person, praise God, and bless him for the benefits of Salvation and consolation through Christ conferred upon them; Isaiah 12:1-2. In the second part, they mutually exhort and encourage themselves and others to praise and celebrate their God and redeemer; Isaiah 12:3-6. Instead of strength in Isaiah 12:2. Vitringa reads praise. The third verse is thought to refer to Exo 15:27 and the meaning of it is, "That the believers, who already had obtained part in the salvation of Christ Jesus, should be most desirous of true and salutary wisdom; should seek for it most diligently, for their greater illumination, progress and confirmation in faith and hope; and should largely satisfy this their holy desire, their spiritual thirst, from the pure wells or fountains of the word of grace and salvation, opened to them by wise and faithful teachers, to their exceeding joy, pleasure, and consolation: from these wells should the doctrine of Salvation flow, they should drink of it fully, and at length, the vail being removed, should understand the secrets of the law and the prophets, which hitherto had been hidden from them." See the song of Moses upon the deliverance of the Israelites from Pharaoh and the Egyptians; the songs of Zechariah and Mary, Luke 1. 1 Peter 1:3-4. Rev 15:3 and Vitringa.

REFLECTIONS.—1st, As Israel, escaped from the Red Sea, when they beheld the floating corpses of the Egyptians, sung praises for their deliverance; with greater joy shall God's faithful people adore the power and grace of their exalted Lord.

1. For the blessed change that has passed. Though thou wast angry with me, thine anger is turned away, and thou comfortest me; not that we must impute to God our infirmities, as that anger, such as dwells in our bosom, knows a place in his: we speak after the manner of men; God's anger is his righteous purpose to punish sin. We have by our sins deserved punishment; but when God turns us to himself, we feel a blessed alteration, and, no longer terrified as before, rejoice in the comfort of his salvation. Note; (1.) Every true believer will own how often and how justly he has by his sins provoked God's wrath and indignation against him. (2.) The deeper views we have of our own guilt, the more enlarged will our hearts be with love, and our lips with praise, when we experience a sense of his returning favour. (3.) The pardon and reconciliation of the sinner's soul to God, is only through the blood and infinite merit of the Redeemer.

2. They will triumph in the strength engaged for them, Behold, with wonder and love I record it, God is my salvation; Jesus hath given himself for me, able to save to the uttermost; and on him alone I depend, renouncing every other hope: I will trust with quietness and confidence, and not be afraid; though temptation and affliction war against me; for the Lord Jehovah is my strength, and my song; which, while I pay as the grateful tribute for his mercies, increases my own consolations; he also is become my salvation; I can wish for nothing more; he is all my salvation, and all my desire. Note; (1.) They who have God for their strength, need not dread who are their foes. (2.) Confidence in Christ's power and love will keep the mind easy amidst every storm. (3.) If God be our salvation, he deserves to be our song; yea, every faithful soul would, if it were possible, think eternity too short to speak his praise.

3. From what God hath done, we are encouraged to expect what he will continue to do; therefore with joy shall ye draw water out of the wells of salvation, or the Saviour: in Christ are the living waters, all fulness dwells in him for his believing people's use; they have free access to him at all times; and it is both their duty and delight, by faith to draw continual supplies of grace from him, in the exercise of prayer, meditation, the word, and sacraments. Surely blessed are the people who are in such a case!

2nd, They who have learned God's praise, and know the blessedness of the employment, will be solicitous to stir up others to join in the grateful service. In that day of the soul's conversion, and especially in the great day when the Redeemer's glory shall appear in his universal dominion, shall ye say, praise the Lord, call upon his name, in every act of religious worship due to the exalted Jesus; declare his doings among the people, seek to diffuse the knowledge of his grace, the fulness of his atonement, the power of his Spirit, the glory of the purchased possession; make mention that his name is exalted above all principalities and powers, and every name that is named, not only in this world, but in that which is to come; and let him be thus exalted in every heart, by every tongue. Sing unto the Lord loud songs of praise, making melody in the heart to him; for he hath done excellent things; he hath offered himself a perfect sacrifice in our stead, vanquished sin, death, and hell for us, led our captivity captive, opened heaven's gates, and prepared thrones for his faithful people in glory everlasting: this is known in all the earth, by the gospel word preached among all nations. Cry out and shout, with the voice of triumphant exultation, thou inhabitant of Zion, the church of the faithful redeemed; for great is the Holy One of Israel in the midst of thee; there he delights to take up his abode, and there must reign till every foe is subdued, and every faithful soul brought home. The expected end shall come, and in his eternal kingdom he will make the fullest displays of his excellent greatness to his glorified saints, and be the object of their everlasting praise. Amen and Amen!

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Coke, Thomas. "Commentary on Isaiah 12". Coke's Commentary on the Holy Bible. https://www.studylight.org/commentaries/eng/tcc/isaiah-12.html. 1801-1803.
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