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Psalms 54

Poole's English Annotations on the Holy BiblePoole's Annotations



Of which he speaks 1 Samuel 23:0, when they did seek to betray him a second time.

The psalmist, complaining of his oppressors, prayeth forGod’s protection; and for the righteous punishment of his enemies, Psalms 54:1-3. Placing his hope in God’s help, Psalms 54:4,Psalms 54:5, he promiseth a free sacrifice of thanksgiving to him, Psalms 54:6,Psalms 54:7.

Verse 1

By thy name, i. e. by thy own strength, as the next words explain it, because I have no other refuge. Or, for thy name, i.e. for thy own glory, which is concerned in my deliverance.

Judge me, i.e. judge or give sentence for me, or plead my cause, as this phrase is oft taken, as we have seen.

Verse 3

Strangers; the Ziphites, whom, though Israelites, he calls strangers, in regard of their barbarous and perfidious disposition and carriage towards him, by which they showed themselves to be estranged from God, as the wicked are said to be, Psalms 58:3, and from the commonwealth of Israel, and from all the laws of piety and humanity; for which causes he calls such persons heathens, Psalms 59:5, and elsewhere.

They have not set God before them; they cast off all regard to thy presence and authority, and all fear of thy judgments.

Verse 4

Behold; consider it, and see the vanity of all your wicked practices against me.

The Lord is with them that uphold my soul; he fights for them, and on my behalf, and therefore against all mine enemies.

Verse 5

In thy truth; or, for or according to thy truth; whereby thou art engaged to fulfil thy promises made to me, and thy threatenings denounced against thine and mine implacable enemies.

Verse 6

Freely sacrifice; not by constraint, as many do, because they are obliged to it, and cannot neglect it without shame and inconvenience to themselves; but with a willing and cheerful mind, which thou lovest in and above all sacrifices.

It; either thy name; or rather, to praise thy name;

is good, i.e. an act of justice, and piety, and gratitude.

Verse 7

He speaks of it as a thing already done, either to express his assurance of it, or because this Psalm was made after it was done.

His desire; or, thy vengeance; which may be understood out of Psalms 54:5. But there is no necessity of any supplement. The words in the Hebrew run thus,

mine eye hath looked upon mine enemies; either with delight, as this phrase signifies, Psalms 22:17; Psalms 27:4, and elsewhere; or without fear or shame. I shall not be afraid to look them in the face, having God on my side.

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