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2 Chronicles 24

Peake's Commentary on the BiblePeake's Commentary


2 Chronicles 23, 24. The Reign of Joash (see notes on 2 Kings 11:4 to 2 Kings 12:21.— While the Chronicler bases his narrative, in the main, on the parallel passage in 2 K., he makes changes by means of additions and omissions which leave an entirely different impression on the mind of the reader; this applies more especially to the passage 2 Chronicles 23:1-11. According to 2 K. it is the captains of hundreds, the royal body-guard composed of foreigners, who enter the Temple at the instance of Jehoiada and proclaim Joash king; the Chronicler, on the other hand, imputes this action, not to the soldiery but to the priests and Levites, because the Law allowed none but priests and Levites to enter the sanctuary. He thus makes the entire coup d’é tat due to ecclesiastical, not military, action.

Verses 1-27

2 Chronicles 24:1-14 . Joash as king; his restoration of the Temple. There are some significant points of difference between this account and that of 2 K. According to the latter, the house of God having fallen into disrepair, Joash commands that certain dues and free-will offerings of the people are to be utilised by the priests for undertaking the repairs; the priests, however, while taking the money, do nothing for the repair of the Temple. As the result of a protest against this on the part of the king, the priests promise not to receive any more money from the people; but they refuse to repair the Temple. Thereupon Jehoiada, presumably at the command of the king, places a chest beside the altar into which the worshippers cast their gifts. When sufficient money has been received, the repair of the Temple is proceeded with. In the hands of the Chronicler this account becomes considerably modified. He could not understand the Temple being permitted to fall into disrepair, so he explains that the sons of Athaliah “ had broken up the house of God” ( 2 Chronicles 24:7). Again, to him the idea of the king deciding in regard to gifts for the Temple on his own initiative was unfitting, so he represents Joash’ s decision to have a chest placed by the altar for receiving these gifts as a compliance with the Mosaic command in Exodus 30:12-16, which the people joyfully fall in with ( 2 Chronicles 24:6; 2 Chronicles 24:8-10). Once more, that the priests should appropriate to their own use the gifts of the people for the repair of the Temple is unthinkable to the Chronicler, so he leaves this part out. An addition by the Chronicler is that the money collected was sufficient not only for the repair of the Temple but also for acquiring holy vessels ( 2 Chronicles 24:14).

2 Chronicles 24:15-22 . The death of Jehoiada; Joash forsakes Yahweh-worship. There is no parallel to this in 2 K.; indeed Joash’ s apostasy is very improbable in view of 2 Kings 12:7, where his zeal for Yahweh’ s house is an example to the priesthood. The Chronicler’ s version may, perhaps, be accounted for by his desire to give a reason for the disasters that befell Joash as recounted in the section that follows.

2 Chronicles 24:23-27 . Joash defeated by the Syrians; his death. According to 2 Kings 12:17 f. the worst effects of the Syrian invasion are avoided because Joash gives to the king of Syria the treasures of the house of Yahweh. The Chronicler makes no mention of this.

2 Chronicles 24:25 f. Cf. 2 Kings 12:20 f. In saying that Joash was not buried in the sepulchres of the kings the Chronicler contradicts the statement in 2 Kings 12:21.

2 Chronicles 24:27 . the greatness of the burdens laid upon him: in reference to what he had to give the king of Syria; see 2 Kings 12:18.— the commentary of the book of the kings: see note on 2 Chronicles 13:22.

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