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2 Samuel 2

Peake's Commentary on the BiblePeake's Commentary

Verses 1-32

2 Samuel 2-6. (J). Apart from minor additions and changes, it is very commonly held that these chapters form a continuous narrative from the same source.

2 Samuel 2:1 to 2 Samuel 3:5 . Civil War between David, ruling at Hebron, and Ish-bosheth, ruling at Mahanaim (J).

2 Samuel 2:1-7 . David occupies Hebron ( Judges 1:10 *, p. 31), and is anointed king by the men of Judah, doubtless with the consent of the Philistines, and as their vassal. He thanks the men of Jabesh-gilead for their loyalty to Saul.

2 Samuel 2:8-11 . Abner makes Ishbaal king over all Israel, except Judah, with his capital at Mahanaim. The connexion between Judah and the other tribes was always loose, and Israel is constantly used as here. The sentence enclosed by RV in brackets is an editorial addition; it interrupts the sequence. The “ two years” is difficult; the impression conveyed by 2 Samuel 5:1-6 is that Ishbaal reigned all the time David was reigning at Hebron. 2 Samuel 2:11 is also commonly regarded as editorial.

2 Samuel 2:9 . Ashurites: read, “ Asherites.”

2 Samuel 2:10 . Ish-bosheth: Ishbaal ( 1 Samuel 14:49 *).

2 Samuel 2:12-17 . The opposing forces meet at the pool at Gibeon, N. of Jerusalem ( Joshua 9:3); a contest between twelve champions from each party brought on a general engagement, in which David’ s men were victorious.

2 Samuel 2:18-23 . Asahel pursued Abner. He, anxious to avoid a blood-feud with Asahel’ s grim and powerful brother Joab, warned Asahel not to drive him to extremities. But Asahel would not be warned, and Abner slew him.

2 Samuel 2:23-32 . At the appeal of Abner, Joab stays the pursuit. Both parties return home.

2 Samuel 2:24 . Ammah . . . Glah, 2 Samuel 2:29 . Bithron: none of these places are identified.

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