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2 Samuel 3

Peake's Commentary on the BiblePeake's Commentary

Verses 1-5

2 Samuel 3:1-5 . An editorial note, including an account of David’ s family. It is curious that the last-named wife, Eglah, and she only, is expressly called “ David’ s wife.” The letters in the Heb. may be a corruption of some description which would have conveyed further information. ICC suggests that the original reading was “ sister of David.” 2 Samuel 13:13 shows that such marriages were legitimate in Israel at the time.

Verses 6-11

2 Samuel 3:6 to 2 Samuel 4:12 . Quarrel between Abner and Ishbaal. Treachery of Abner. Death of Abner, and of Ishbaal (J).— Cf. p. 286.

2 Samuel 3:6-11 . Abner went in to Rizpah, Saul’ s concubine; an act of lè se majesté , as the harem of a king was the property of his successor ( 2 Samuel 12:8, 2 Samuel 16:22). He met Ishbaal’ s remonstrances with contemptuous and indignant anger. Was he, to whom the house of Saul owed so much, to be treated like a dog, on account of a trifling matter about a woman? He would soon show the nominal king who was master. Ishbaal dared not answer him.

2 Samuel 3:8 . a dog’ s head that belongeth to Judah: the expression “ dog’ s head” is not found elsewhere. The words “ that belongeth to Judah” should be omitted. Some scribe reading Dog ( caleb) took it to mean the tribe, and added an explanatory note on that supposition.

Verses 12-21

2 Samuel 3:12-21 . Abner offers to bring all Israel under the authority of David. As a preliminary Michal is restored to David. Having sounded the elders of the various tribes, Abner visited David to arrange matters.

Verses 22-27

2 Samuel 3:22-27 . Joab had been absent on a foray during Abner’ s visit; on his return, he induced Abner to come back and meet him and then treacherously assassinated him, to avenge the death of Asahel.

2 Samuel 3:26 . Sirah: not identified.

2 Samuel 3:27 . midst: read, “ side of” with LXX.

Verses 28-39

2 Samuel 3:28-39 . David made it clear that he had nothing to do with the murder. He gave Abner honourable burial, and king and people lamented him. The dirge in 2 Samuel 3:33 f. is generally accepted as the work of David.

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