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1 Chronicles 15

Hawker's Poor Man's CommentaryPoor Man's Commentary

Verse 1


This chapter finisheth the subject of the bringing up the ark. It is performed successfully and with great joy. But Michal, his wife despiseth David for his dancing before the Ark.

Verses 1-2

It is well worthy of observation, that, in the account here given of David's bringing up the ark of God from the house of Obed-edom, the subject begins with pointing out that David had discovered his former error, for he here saith, none ought to carry the ark of God but the Levites. We have a circumstantial account of this transaction, 2 Samuel 6:12 , to which I refer the Reader, as well as to the observations in the Commentary upon it. But it is not there said that David so expressed himself concerning the duty of the Levites. So that the relation the Holy Ghost hath been pleased to have given the church in this place of this affair, serves to throw a great light upon this whole transaction, and particularly concerning Uzzah's presumption: so that I would earnestly recommend the Reader to peruse this chapter, with 2 Samuel 6:0 together.

Verses 3-13

I refer the Reader as before, to the account of this transaction, as related in the book of Samuel, for the history is the same. But I beg the Reader to remark with me, the charge the king gave to the Levites. They had seen the awful judgment of Uzzah, and therefore it would be at their peril, if they did not set themselves apart for this service. And the king assigns the reason for the punishment of Uzzah. The Lord our God (said he) made a breach upon us, for that we sought him not after the due order. Reader! do Observe the modesty and humility of David. He includes himself in this neglect. We sought him not, said David. It is a blessed mark of grace, when we take shame to ourselves, rather than put it upon others. Accepting the punishment of our iniquity, is made a testimony by the Lord of being in the covenant. Leviticus 26:41 .

Verses 14-28

We have a much more circumstantial account in this chapter, concerning the bringing up of the ark, than was given in the former. David's preparing a place for the reception of the ark, before he fetched it: his particularly summoning the Levites, and commanding them both to sanctify themselves for the service, and to appoint the singers which ministered in the temple service; their names also are set down, and their particular abilities for the work: these things were not enumerated before, but are here specially marked. And above all, the singular and gracious help which the Lord gave the Levites in their ministry: this is noted with peculiar distinction, and for which the offering of sacrifices was observed.

Verse 29

Michal's conduct, in despising David for the part he took in this work, is more fully noticed in the account given in the book of Samuel, than it is here in the Chronicles. So that, I again request the Reader that he will peruse both narratives together. No doubt the Holy Ghost intended they should be thus regarded. It is his gracious mercy which hath furnished the church with so rich and full a volume as the Bible contains. And not a jot or tittle of it can be uninteresting, or will be found unimportant, to those that read it under his divine teaching. John 16:13 ; 2 Timothy 3:16-17 .


OBSERVE, Reader, how grace had wrought upon the mind of David since the breach of Uzzah. He no longer feels displeasure at God. His displeasure is at himself. He confesses our God made a breach upon us, for that we sought him not after due order. He now sets himself to prepare a place for the ark of God, before he presumes to bring it home. My Brother! depend upon it grace will always induce such effects. To justify the Lord in all the Lord's appointments: Thou hast done right; and we have done foolishly. And not only to justify but to approve: It may be painful, it may be galling to flesh and blood: but it is the Lord that appoints, and therefore it must be right. And still more to cleave to God as a friend, though his frowns seem to look like an enemy: to kiss the hand that smites, and to believe and be perfectly satisfied, that while the Lord exercises the authority of a sovereign, he never loses sight of the Father and the friend: Jesus, the Son of his love, still lives, and his covenant righteousness still pleads. Jesus is, and will be, still Jesus; this is faith, for this gives glory to his holy name. And it was thus David prepared for the reception of the ark, and thus in faith and holy joy he brought it home, and the Lord blessed him and Israel in the service.

Reader! let us learn from hence the many sweet things it contains. Oh, Jesus! give us grace to prepare a place for thee, even the best place in our affections, the chief and whole room in our heart. Lord Jesus, do thou occupy and fill all! Then under the influence of thy sweet Spirit, we shall go forth to meet thee, to receive thee, to embrace thee, and to bring thee home with holy transports of joy, though all the Michal's of the present hour despise: let them despise, so thou smile. Like the church, when I have once found him whom my soul loveth, I will hold thee and not let thee go, until that I have brought thee into my father's house and into the chamber of her that conceived me; for there wilt thou show me thy loves.

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