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Jeremiah 25

Hawker's Poor Man's CommentaryPoor Man's Commentary

Verse 1


The Prophet is here preaching to the people, and in the usual strain of reproof. But in the midst of threatening he is commissioned to introduce a gracious promise, that the captivity shall not exceed the seventy years before pointed out.

Verses 1-7

Both the time when, and the manner how, and the subject of, the Prophet's sermon are here set down, with the sad event of the whole, in that no man regarded. Neither Jeremiah nor the Prophets had the least avail in all their preaching. Reader, do not however overlook the plan of their preaching. It was in the morning early, and no doubt in the evening also. But alas! three and twenty years, or three and twenty thousand, had it been possible, until God gives the hearing ear, will prove alike unavailing. I cannot close our review of this passage, until that I have first requested the Reader to turn to the gospel, and read our Lord's parable to the same purport, Luke 13:6-9 . Oh! precious Jesus! who shall say to what extent is thy gracious intercession, and how much we owe to it!

Verses 8-11

I pray the Reader to observe, how the King of Babylon is called the Lord's servant. Yes! for the Lord will serve himself of his enemies, when the purposes of his sacred will, render it necessary. In this sense, the King of Babylon is Jehovah's servant, but, like Cyrus, knew not the Lord. See Isaiah 45:4 .

Verses 12-14

Here is a gracious promise, (and which was most faithfully fulfilled in the season) given with a view to support the minds of the faithful, during their long captivity. I pray the Reader to mark it down, and not overlook it, in order to keep in remembrance the long-suffering of God. And I beg of him also, at the same time to keep, as steadily in remembrance the cause, even God's covenant., See Daniel 9:1-2 ; Psalms 89:30-35 .

Verses 15-31

This scripture can need no other comment, than what is contained in Revelation 14:10 . By Jeremiah's taking the cup, and making all these nations drink of it, is meant, making them to hear and know that the wrath of God is coming upon them. The Lord had indeed been chastizing his children: but when that was accomplished, the rod should be burnt or destroyed.

Verses 32-38

In these verses is described, the sad consequence of divine judgments. The King of Babylon and his confederates, may seemingly for a time triumph: but their end shall be, like Moab of old, to perish forever. Numbers 24:24 ; Revelation 18:4-10 .

Verse 38


DEAREST Lord Jesus! who can read the sad requital thy faithful servants met with in all ages of the Church, when rising early and speaking to the people, without calling to mind the awful state of the Jews rejecting thee, the Lord of life and glory, when thou camest to thine own, and thine own received thee not, How did Jerusalem, the holy city, kill thy prophets, and despise thy word, when thou wouldest have gathered her people, as the hen gathereth her chickens under her wings, and they would not. And yet, blessed Lord, thy patience was not exhausted, neither thy love given over, for in the moment of thy departure, when giving thy farewell commission to thy disciples, to go into all the world, and to preach the gospel to every creature, the charter of grace still ran the same, beginning at Jerusalem. Oh! for grace always to keep in remembrance, that love of Christ which passeth knowledge.

And Lord, I pray thee, that I may always preserve alive through thine Holy Spirit in me the remembrance of thy grace to thy Church, during the seventy years captivity: and the sure fulfillment of thy Covenant promise, in bringing thy people from it. Even, so Lord now, all thy promises, and all thine engagements are the same, and like the great Author and Finisher of salvation; they remain eternally, and unchangeably the same, yesterday, and to-day; and forever. God be blessed and adored in all his faithfulness, and truth, made to a thousand generations: and before ever blessed in all his redeemed, and their enjoyment of them, from henceforth and forever. Amen.

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