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Leviticus 22

Hawker's Poor Man's CommentaryPoor Man's Commentary

Verse 1


This chapter is but a continuation of the former. Here is the law for the observance of the priests, carried on in relation to themselves, and their household; together with a precept at the conclusion of it, respecting the unblemished nature of things offered in sacrifice.

Verses 1-2

The sanctity required in all that approached GOD, evidently pointed out his priesthood, who only is holy, harmless, undefiled, and separate from sinners. Hebrews 7:26 .

Verse 3

Nothing can more decidedly point out the universal taint of evil, than what is here adverted to in the unhallowed uncleanness of the priests. And as to this law, which separated during seasons of uncleanness, not only the people but the priests also, can anything more fully show that all access to GOD is precluded, but through him who is the only way; and but by whom none can come to the FATHER. John 14:6 .

Verses 4-9

Though some pollutions here spoken of, were in their nature greater than others; yet it is well to observe, that all equally disqualified from approaching the sanctuary. And what did these things teach, but that our most holy things are only accepted in JESUS? Observe what is said, I the LORD do sanctify them. John 17:19 .

Verse 10

Who can this stranger mean, in a gospel sense, but an unregenerate person? one who hath no part in the covenant. Eating of the sacrifice, implied a thankful acceptance of being included in the righteousness of JESUS, and therefore a partaker in covenant mercies. But for any other to eat of the holy thing, carried with it an idea that he slighted the righteousness of the Redeemer, and presumptuously trusted to his own. Hence such are said to bear their own trespass. Yet in a following verse, (Leviticus 22:14 ) a merciful provision is made for sins of ignorance on this point.

Verse 11

Is not the purchase here mentioned typical of the purchase of the Gentile church by the blood of CHRIST; 1 Peter 1:18-19 ; Ephesians 2:13-19 .

Verses 12-13

These gracious provisions carry with them sweet evidences of the LORD'S care for the weaker sex, and of their being included in the covenant. Isaiah 66:6-7 .

Verses 14-16

Observe here again, sanctification is of the LORD. John 17:19 .

Verses 17-25

How very interesting is it to every true believer in CHRIST, to see him the great and unblemished sacrifice, so uniformly pointed out in every one. As the LORD JESUS confessed a good confession before Pontius Pilate; so this unjust judge unwillingly and unknowingly gave a true testimony to the purity of the LORD JESUS, as an unblemished sacrifice, by which this scripture was fulfilled, when he brought forth the LAMB of GOD before the people, declaring that he could find in him no fault at all. John 19:4 .

Verses 26-28

By the effect of this law of eight days, it gave opportunity for one sabbath to pass over. Hence it was considered among the Jews that the sabbath sanctified. It might be so on his account, who is LORD of the Sabbath. Mark 2:28 . The precept respecting the dam and its young was at least a great act of mercy; and no doubt carried with it this meaning. Deuteronomy 22:6 .

Verse 29

Leviticus 7:15

Verses 29-33

We often meet with those reasons, and undoubtedly they are very cogent ones. Here is GOD'S authority as GOD. Here is added to this his gracious character as their covenant GOD. And as if these were not enough, here is added that striking instance of his covenant-mercy in their redemption from Egypt.

Verse 33


IN every typical representation under the law, earnestly would I pray, that GOD the HOLY GHOST would enlighten my understanding, that I may discover the allusion to JESUS. Surely in the sanctity required of thy priests, O LORD, I behold thee. And surely in the unblemished object of every sacrifice, thy spotless nature could only be implied. Oh! may it be my portion, in every approach to GOD, to bear in the arms of my faith none but JESUS. Gracious GOD! keep me from bringing anything of my own, by way of acceptance: for all that is in me, or from me, is, as the prophet describes, torn, and lame, and sick. May I never thus sacrifice to the LORD a corrupt thing. But looking wholly to thee, thou LAMB of GOD, in thine infinite holiness, purity, and soul-cleansing oblation, may the LORD accept this one all-sufficient offering at my hand, and sanctify my soul by thy precious merits and death!

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