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Leviticus 9

Hawker's Poor Man's CommentaryPoor Man's Commentary

Verse 1


Aaron and his sons having in the preceding chapter been solemnly ordained and set apart to the ministry, are in this chapter introduced as entering upon their holy office. Moses, at GOD'S command, appoints an assembly both of the priests and elders, and enjoins them to bring their offerings before the LORD. This is done. Aaron first offers his sacrifice for himself, and then for the people. The glory of the LORD appears in the tabernacle. The divine approbation is manifested by consuming the burnt-offerings with fire. The holy joy of the people in consequence thereof. These are the principal things related in this chapter. Leviticus 9:1

It were devoutly to be prayed for, that they who minister in holy things, would observe in this place, and at the reading of this and the foregoing chapter, that no sooner was Aaron ordained, than he was engaged in the holy service. Regenerated Christians, and much more truly ordained ministers, have no time to be idle. See Jeremiah's ordination, Jeremiah 1:10; Jeremiah 1:10 . See his first sermon, Leviticus 2:0 . See Ezekiel 43:27 . Above all, see the account of the LORD JESUS, John 9:4 .

Verse 2

Some have thought that a young calf being appointed for the sin-offering of Aaron, was to remind him of his former transgression in making the golden calf: that thereby he might never lose sight of his own unworthiness, while the LORD had called him to such an exalted rank as the High Priest before the people. Exodus 32:1-6 . Reader! do not overlook the preciousness of thy High Priest, in this relation, but read what Paul saith, Hebrews 7:26-27 .

Verse 3

I think it is worthy remark here, that now Aaron is consecrated to the priesthood, he is commissioned to speak to the people; and Moses conveys the will of the LORD through him. And is he not here also a type of the ever-blessed JESUS, as our Mediator? Hebrews 1:1-2 .

Verse 4

Observe, with what confidence the man of GOD speaks of the LORD'S manifesting himself unto his people. And with how much greater confidence may the people of GOD now assure themselves of the LORD'S presence among them, when by his own express command, they meet together in his name; when that precept is followed up with a most positive promise, Mat_18:20; Mat_28:20 . Reader! in taking comfort from this well-grounded assurance, do not forget that this presence of our LORD is a spiritual presence, to bless spiritual worshippers, who worship GOD in Spirit and in truth.

Verses 5-7

There is somewhat very striking in this description of Aaron and the congregation drawing near before the LORD. Job felt what it meant when he said, Oh that I knew where I might find him, that I might come even to his seat. Job 23:3-6 .

Verse 8

As the account here given relates to us the first information of the manner of performing the sacrifices under the Levitical priesthood, the particulars are more expressly noticed. Observe, one great point runs through the whole. Aaron performed every tittle of the service. For though his sons ministered unto him, yet none offered but Aaron. And was not this expressive of the complete priesthood and services of the LORD JESUS? Isaiah 63:3 .

Verses 9-21

The same observation meets us here. Though the people brought their offerings, yet it must be Aaron to present them. How sweetly doth it teach us, that it is JESUS, our almighty Aaron, that carrieth in the poor offerings of his people, sanctified by his oblation, his blood, and righteousness? Revelation 8:3-4 . And was not Job a type of JESUS to the same effect, when he prayed for his friends, and GOD declared that he would accept Job for them? Job 42:8 .

Verse 22

Who can overlook the LORD JESUS here, or want to be put in mind of the Redeemer's benediction on the mount, when he had finished redemption work on earth? Luke 24:50-51 .

Verse 23

Observe, when the service of the sanctuary, according to GOD'S commandment of it, was completed, Moses and Aaron went in (most probably) to follow up the service with prayer. Here again they represented the LORD JESUS, when in his final prayer he said, I have finished the work thou gavest me to do, and now, O FATHER, glorify me. John 17:4-5 .

Verse 24

What precious tokens of divine favor? GOD not only appeared in glory, to testify his presence, but also he answered by fire, to testify his acceptance of their services. Reader! remark with me, that as the fire came down from heaven, and consumed the sacrifice, which might justly have consumed their persons for sin; so the HOLY GHOST came down in confirmation that JESUS'S offering for sin on the cross was accepted, who without his offering would not have come, neither could our persons have escaped destruction. Observe also, the gracious effects on the minds of the people; they shout for joy; they fall low in humbleness. Never doth a soul lay lower in the dust, than when GOD exalts that soul in thankfulness for mercy. We are humblest in ourselves, when we are most lifted up in JESUS. Like Paul, when most weak, then most strong. 2 Corinthians 12:9-10 . Leviticus 9:0 REFLECTIONS

IN the perusal of this Chapter, may it be my happiness to look beyond the letter to the spirit of the sacred word; and here, I am sure, I shall see JESUS, my great High Priest, in everything signified. Was he not from all eternity set apart, consecrated, and ordained to be an Almighty High Priest in things pertaining unto man, to make reconciliation for the sins of his people? And did he not, in confirmation of it, in the fullness of time, offer himself unto GOD, a willing sacrifice, without spot, or wrinkle, or any such thing? And is he not, as Aaron of old, now gone into the tabernacle not made with hands, even into heaven itself, there to appear in the presence of GOD for us? Hath he not again and again blessed his people, and afforded the most incontestable evidences of his unalterable love? Doth not his presence now, in the assemblies of the faithful, testify the FATHER'S approbation of all our spiritual services, however poor they are in themselves, yet truly valuable, in being accepted in and through him? And ought not the many love-tokens of his favor, which correspond to the glory manifested in the Jewish church, bring with them the surest evidences of his grace, and call forth our shouts of holy joy? Dearest JESUS! may we never, never lose sight of thee in all our approaches to the mercy-seat, but behold thee as our sacrifice, our altar, our high priest, our all. Hail! LAMB of GOD, thou that takest away the sin of the world! Praises to thy name; thou needest not daily, as those high priests, to offer up sacrifice, first for thine own sins, and then for the people; for by thy one offering, once offered, thou hast forever perfected them that are sanctified.

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