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Hawker's Poor Man's Commentary

Nahum 3

Verse 1


We have the continuation of the same subject, as in the two preceding chapters. Under the character of Nineveh, the Lord is declaring the final destruction of the Church's enemies.

Verses 1-5

The last verse in this passage serves to throw a light upon the whole; and proves that it is the cause of the Church which the Lord is contending for. And if the Reader attends to the whole prophecy of Nahum under this view, I humbly conceive he will find it a blessed portion of the word of God. I do not wish to be considered singular, but I venture to believe, that all we meet with in scripture concerning the nations of the earth, is introduced purely on account of Zion. The care of the Church of the Lord Jesus, is the one sole cause of all the Lord's government of the earth. And to the promotion of the glory of Zion, all the events of nations and empires minister. Hence all things, and all persons, whether for correction or for comfort, are directed and guided by Him, and to his own glory. See Isaiah 10:5-12 . A striking passage this, to be referred to upon all occasions in subjects of this nature.

Verses 6-19

I include the whole of this passage in one view for the sake of shortness, having already extended the Commentary very much beyond the original design. The whole of Nahum's prophecy, if taken literally, and with an eye to the history of Nineveh, and the Church, is interesting. But if read spiritually, as typifying in Nineveh the enemies of the Church, and the Lord's deliverance of his people, and the final destruction of their foes, in the redemption by Christ, riseth to a degree of sublimity, beautiful, interesting, and glorious. Reader! may the Lord give to us both the sweet and powerful proofs of his divine teaching, that we may know the things which are freely given to us of God!

Verse 19


HERE Reader! let us pause ere we dismiss this short but striking prophecy. See how attentive the Lord the Holy Ghost hath been, in all ages, in watching over the concerns of his church! And wherefore is it think you, but because all the Persons of the Godhead are engaged in the great design, and each find their glory in the great salvation. Oh! that you and I, thus convinced of the Lord's love and care of his Church, and watchfulness over it, may be watchful also on our part of that love, and never, never lose sight of it in any of the most trying occasions. What shall interrupt, or what shall destroy this care of Jesus concerning his chosen. Sin shall not; for Jesus hath taken away sin, by the sacrifice of himself. The world shall not; for Christ hath overcome the world. Death and hell shall not; for Jesus hath vanquished both. Oh! then, hear Jesus's voice, my brother, in every conflict, which he speaketh to your and his enemies, as in this scripture; behold, I am against thee, saith the Lord of hosts. Precious Lord Jesus! be thou our strength, our shield, and our exceeding great reward!

Farewell Nahum! farewell thou faithful Elkoshite! I beg for grace to remember thy blessed words. Beautiful, indeed, upon the mountains are thy feet, and the feet of, all them that bring good tidings, and that publish peace!

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Hawker, Robert, D.D. "Commentary on Nahum 3". "Hawker's Poor Man's Commentary". 1828.