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the Week of Proper 6 / Ordinary 11
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Bible Commentaries
Psalms 26

Hawker's Poor Man's CommentaryPoor Man's Commentary

Verse 1


Under the spirit of prophecy, the Psalmist in this Psalm describes the Lord Jesus as his church's representative, making an appeal to God's justice, in the consciousness of his own integrity. He implores deliverance from unjust accusation, and closeth with praises.

A Psalm of David.

Psalms 26:1

That the Lord Jesus Christ, and not David, is the person here to be kept in view, is most evident, not only from the expressions contained in what is here said, but also from the general tenor of David King of Israel's demeanour, as it referred to God. When David was unjustly accused by men, as in the case of Shimei, he could and did appeal to God. But when God takes up the cause, as referring to his sins before God, he deprecates divine judgment. Psalms 51:1-19 etc.

Verse 2

Who but the Lord Jesus Christ could ever take up such language? Who but him must assume such language, If thou Lord shouldest mark iniquity, O Lord who shall stand! Psalms 130:3 .

Verses 3-5

The Reader will recollect that Jesus, in the days of his flesh, received sinners, and did eat with them. But then we must recollect also the cause, and observe the difference here intimated. Physicians may go into infected rooms, to administer a remedy to the sick: but this by no means guarantees the safety of others.

Verse 6

How beautiful to view Christ as our holy, harmless, undefiled High Priest, at the altar. Help me, O Lord, to wash my polluted hands and heart in thy blood.

Verses 7-8

Sweet are the proclamations of Jesus, from the mercy-seat! and how will everyone that is made partaker of the rich salvation in Jesus pro claim, in the voice of praise, the wondrous works of distinguishing grace: Surely, Lord, the place, the ordinance, the very door, of Jesus's gospel church, is dear to his redeemed. Christ is himself the whole of it, and the all of it. He is our Great High Priest, our Altar, and Sacrifice. And as the zeal of Jehovah's house is said by the Redeemer to have eaten him up, so the love for him and his glory fills the soul of his redeemed with such a joy, that their language is, Here would I dwell, for I have desired it. Psalms 69:9 ; John 2:17 ; Psalms 132:14 .

Verse 12


READER, how truly lovely it is to behold Jesus in the immaculate lushness of his nature! For with that holiness we should ever connect the interests of his people. And of all the pleas for a poor sinner to use at a throne of grace, the holiness of Jesus, as his justification, is the highest and the best; indeed the only plea. Oh! what unknown arguments are contained in that sanctity of Christ, which could, and did appeal to Jehovah, to examine and prove and try his reins and his heart. Precious Lamb of God! methinks I feel the confidence of it! Surely it hath a double assurance; for the Father's grace and the Son's righteousness are here blended. And can I have any just apprehension of my God's condemning me for sin, while I am looking up, in God's own way, for acceptance in the perfect justifying righteousness of his dear Son? Here, then, blessed Jesus, would I adopt thine own words, as oft as I go to the mercy-seat, and say, Judge me, O Lord, for I have walked in the integrity of Jesus; I have trusted in his righteousness, therefore I shall not slide. Surely, I will say, in the Lord have I righteousness, and strength even to him am I come; for thou hast said, In him shall all the seed of Israel be justified, and shall glory.

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