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Bible Commentaries
1 Chronicles 11

Benson's Commentary of the Old and New TestamentsBenson's Commentary


A.M. 2956. B.C. 1048.

David is made king, 1 Chronicles 11:1-3 . He takes the castle of Zion, 1 Chronicles 11:4-9 . A catalogue of his mighty men, 1 Chronicles 11:10-47 .

Verses 1-2

1 Chronicles 11:1-2. All Israel gathered themselves to David That is, all the tribes of Israel, as it is expressed 2 Samuel 5:1, by their elders ( 1Ch 11:3 ) and officers, and a great multitude of their soldiers and people. The Lord said unto thee Or, concerning thee: for it is apparent that they knew it was God’s will David should be king, and therefore many of them had opposed David hitherto against their own consciences.

Verse 4

1 Chronicles 11:4. David and all Israel went to Jerusalem Of this and the following verses, to 1 Chronicles 11:9, see notes on 2 Samuel 5:6, &c.

Verse 6

1 Chronicles 11:6. And was chief Before this he was one of David’s chief captains; but now he is made captain-general of all the forces of Israel and Judah.

Verse 10

1 Chronicles 11:10. The chief of the mighty men Who helped with all their might to settle him in his kingdom. With all Israel In conjunction with all those loyal Israelites who joined with David. Yet David ascribed his success, not to the hosts he had, but to the Lord of hosts: not to the mighty men that were with him, but to the mighty God, whose presence with us is all in all.

Verse 11

1 Chronicles 11:11. Jashobeam a Hachmonite Called the Tachmonite, and Adino the Eznite, 2 Samuel 23:8. He lifted up his spear against three hundred slain, &c. By his own hand, five hundred more being slain by others then joining with him, who pursued the victory, both which sums make up the eight hundred, numbered 2 Samuel 23:8. The slaughter of all is justly ascribed to him, because it was the effect of his valour.

Verses 18-19

1 Chronicles 11:18-19. David would not drink of it That water which he thought too precious for his own drinking, he poured out to the Lord For a drink-offering. If we have any thing better than other, let God be honoured with it, who is the best, and should have the best. Shall I drink the blood, &c. It put him into the utmost confusion, to think three brave men should hazard their lives to fetch water for him. In his account it turns the water into blood. It is to the honour of great men, not to be prodigal of the blood of those they employ.

Verses 20-21

1 Chronicles 11:20-21. Lifting up his spear against three hundred, he slew them He vanquished them all, and slew a great number of them: it is, however, not said that he slew them all at one time, as it is said of Jashobeam, 1 Chronicles 11:11. He attained not unto the first three He did not equal them in valiant exploits.

Verses 41-42

1 Chronicles 11:41-42. Uriah the Hittite The last of that catalogue in 2 Samuel 23:39. But here some others are added to the number, because though they were not of the thirty, yet they were men of great valour and renown among David’s commanders. Thirty with him Thirty captains, who were under him as their colonel.

Verse 44

1 Chronicles 11:44. The Aroerite So called possibly because his station and quarters were upon the river Aroer, beyond Jordan, being placed there for the defence of those parts.

Verse 46

1 Chronicles 11:46. Ithmah the Moabite So called, either because he was by birth a Moabite, though now proselyted to the true religion; or from some eminent service done by him among the Moabites. Thus, among the Romans, Publius Scipio was surnamed Africanus, for his great achievements in Africa; and Lucius Scipio, his brother, Asiaticus, for his victory over Antiochus at Magnesia in Asia.

Bibliographical Information
Benson, Joseph. "Commentary on 1 Chronicles 11". Benson's Commentary. https://www.studylight.org/commentaries/eng/rbc/1-chronicles-11.html. 1857.
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