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Bible Commentaries
1 Chronicles 19

Benson's Commentary of the Old and New TestamentsBenson's Commentary

Verses 1-19

A.M. 2967. B.C. 1037.

David’s friendly message to King Hanun, 1Ch 19:1 , 1 Chronicles 19:2 . Hanun’s base usage of his ambassadors, 1 Chronicles 19:3-5 . The Ammonites prepare for war, 1 Chronicles 19:6 , 1 Chronicles 19:7 . David overthrows them and the Syrians, 1 Chronicles 19:8-19 .

1 Chronicles 19:1. Nahash the king of the children of Ammon died Of the contents of this chapter, see the notes on 2 Samuel 10:0.

1 Chronicles 19:2. David said, I will show kindness unto Hanun Religion teaches us to be civil and obliging to all; to honour all men, and to be ready to do all offices of kindness to those among whom we live: and difference in the modes and forms of religion, or even in religion itself, must be no obstruction to it. But, besides this, David remembered the kindness which his father had showed him. They that have received kindness should return it as they have ability and opportunity: and they that have received it from the parents, should return it to the children when the parents are gone.

1 Chronicles 19:6. The children of Ammon saw they had made themselves odious to David It would therefore have been their wisdom to have desired conditions of peace, to have humbled themselves and offered any satisfaction for the injury they had done him; and the rather, because they had made themselves not only odious to David, but obnoxious to the justice of God, who is the king of nations, and will assert the injured rights, and maintain the violated laws of nations. But, instead of this, they prepared for war, and so brought upon themselves those desolations which David never intended them.

1 Chronicles 19:19. They made peace with David, and became his servants Those who have meddled with strife that belonged not to them, and have found that they meddled to their own hurt, do well to learn wisdom at length, and meddle no further. Let those who have in vain stood it out against God, be thus wise for themselves, and agree with him quickly while they are in the way with him. Let them become his servants, for they are undone if they remain his enemies.

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