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Bible Commentaries

Coke's Commentary on the Holy Bible

1 Chronicles 18

Verse 4

1 Chronicles 18:4. David—houghed all the chariot-horses, &c.— David destroyed all the chariots, save a hundred, which he reserved. Houbigant. We observe, once for all, upon these chapters, that having enlarged on the subjects of them in the notes on Samuel, we shall make our annotations on them very short.

Verse 16

1 Chronicles 18:16. Abimelech, the son of Abiathar Read, as in the parallel place, Ahimelech. Some inconsiderately would read, Abiathar, the son of

Ahimelech; when that Ahimelech, who was the son of Abiathar, is mentioned, ch. 1Ch 24:6 and in other places, and was another man. Houbigant.

REFLECTIONS.—1st, David's conquests here recorded, we had 2 Samuel 8:0. They followed upon the prayer and promise of the preceding chapter; for, they who have God for their friend have nothing to fear from their enemies. Note; (1.) Such shall be the believer's victories over all his corruptions: though they are numerous, and often return to the attack, yet sin shall not prevail against him. (2.) The associated forces of earth and hell in vain oppose God's church; it shall stand triumphant at last over every foe. (3.) Shields of gold cannot defend us; but the shield of faith never faileth.

2nd, They who are prosperous, like David, will be courted; but a true friend is best known in adversity. Tou counted David's favour well worth the most valuable present that he could send him; and shall we not be more solicitous to secure him for our friend, whose favour is better than life itself, and which may be obtained without price or present? David's government appears to be as excellent as his victories were glorious; and no wonder, when God prospered him in every undertaking. The son of David rules with greater equity, as well as enjoys a more universal dominion: happy the people who are subjects of his righteous government, and enjoy his divine protection.

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