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1 Chronicles 22

Coke's Commentary on the Holy BibleCoke's Commentary

Verse 1

1 Chronicles 22:1. David said, This is the house, &c.— This shall be the house—This shall be the altar, Houbigant; who renders the 11th and 12th verses also in the future.

Verse 14

1 Chronicles 22:14. In my trouble I have prepared—an hundred thousand talents of gold, &c.— But I, according to my poor ability, have prepared an hundred talents of gold, and a thousand talents of silver. Houbigant. See Joseph. Antiq. lib. vii. c. xiv. sect. 2.

REFLECTIONS.—1st, That a house should be built, was before resolved: here the spot is fixed upon, and the preparations begun.

1. The reasons given for the immediate concern David was in to make preparation for the building, though he himself might not enjoy the honour of it, were, 1. The magnificence of the house of God: an abode, though not becoming the divine inhabitant, yet superior to all that earth had seen beside, to engage the attention of strangers who might be induced by its grandeur to visit it. 2. Solomon was young; and should the crown devolve to him, it would encourage him to proceed, when so much was ready to his hand. Note; (1.) While our moment is prolonged, it becomes us to labour for God. (2.) They who are strong should ease their younger and weaker brethren of the more difficult services.

2. The persons whom he employed were strangers; either they were more able artists, or he would have no servile work laid on free-born Israelites; or, as a figure of things to come, when gentiles should not only be called into the church, but be employed as master-builders.
3. The preparations made were vast and costly. No labour nor expence should be spared where God's glory is concerned.
2nd, The work of building the temple being by Divine appointment delegated to Solomon, David gives him instructions concerning it.
1. Because of the perpetual wars in which he was engaged, and the blood that he had shed, God forbade him to do it; but assured him withal, that a son should be born to him, in whose days Israel should be at peace, and he at leisure to undertake the arduous task. Note; (1.) The church of Christ may not be built by the sword of war, but by the preaching of the gospel of peace. (2.) They who have leisure from other avocations, are more immediately called to employ it in the work of God.

2. As an encouragement, David informs him, (1.) That vast preparations were already made, notwithstanding the troubles in which he had been involved. They were immense indeed; amounting, in silver and gold, beside brass, iron, cedar, and stone, to near eight hundred million of our money: but it is rather thought, ככר Kikkar here signifies an ingot of less value than the Mosaic talent. (2.) That God had promised to establish his kingdom for ever; therefore, that he could never do enough to shew his gratitude for the mercy. Note; The more God has done for us, the greater is our obligation to serve him.

3. He exhorts him not to be discouraged at the greatness of the work, or the difficulties in the way; as also to take heed to all God's commandments: from obedience to which, he might hope for God's blessing. Note; (1.) They who are intent on building up Christ's church need much courage, for they will find many adversaries and great difficulties. (2.) It is not the importance of the work, but the spirituality of the temper with which it is performed, that gives it value before God.

4. David prays that God would give him wisdom and understanding thus to walk and act, and bids him without delay address himself to the work, "up and be doing," assuredly concluding that the Lord would be with him. Note; (1.) When we arise from prayer, we may comfortably and confidently expect that God will prosper the work of our hands. (2.) Reliance on his support and blessing should quicken our own endeavours.

3rdly, David exhorts the princes to assist his son in the undertaking. Kings have need of able ministers to execute the good that they design.
1. They must set their hearts to seek the Lord, as most bound by his mercies. Note; The great and leading concern should be, that the heart be right with God.

2. He calls upon them to help Solomon to build the sanctuary. Note; (1.) When the heart is engaged, head, hand, and purse, will be employed in the service. (2.) The most zealous and active minister wants assistance, and every private christian is called upon to lend a helping hand.

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Coke, Thomas. "Commentary on 1 Chronicles 22". Coke's Commentary on the Holy Bible. https://www.studylight.org/commentaries/eng/tcc/1-chronicles-22.html. 1801-1803.
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