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Coke's Commentary on the Holy Bible

2 Chronicles 4

Verse 3

2 Chronicles 4:3. Similitude of oxenβ€” The similitude of grapes. Houbigant. See the parallel passage, 1 Kings 7:24.

Verse 22

2 Chronicles 4:22. And the entry, &c.β€” And the hinges, and the doors of the inner house. Houbigant. See 1 Kings 7:50.

REFLECTIONS.β€”1st, The making of all these vessels, except the brazen altar, we had, 1 Kings 7:0. This was four times as wide, and more than thrice as high, as that of Moses. Israel being increased, and their sacrifices now likely to be more numerous, a larger altar was needful. According as God increases us, we must honour him with our substance. The sea, and the lavers, were of brass. These stood in the open air without, in the court of the priests; within all was gold:β€”the nearer we approach to God, the purer we must grow. The golden altar, ten new candlesticks, and as many tables of pure gold, were placed within the holy place, where lights continually burned, where incense was daily offered, and the shew-bread was placed: all which were shadows of good things to come.

1. The brazen altar, which sanctified the gift where the sacrifice was accepted, prefigured that Divine Redeemer, both altar and sacrifice, who, by one oblation once offered, obtained eternal redemption for us.
2. The lavers and sea pointed out the sanctifying work of the Spirit of God upon the hearts of God's spiritual priests, cleansing them from their remaining filthiness of flesh and spirit.
3. The table of shew-bread typified the constant provision which in the gospel-church should be made for all God's people, who should eat and drink before him to the refreshing of their souls.
4. The candlesticks represented the word of gospel-truth, shining as a light in a dark place, and their number, the clearer and increasing discoveries which God makes of himself to his people.
5. The altar of incense signified that intercession which Jesus our high-priest makes, who, whilst we are praying without, is standing before the mercy-seat, and effectually presenting our supplications, that they may be accepted and answered.
2nd, Huram the great artificer, called his father, 2Ch 4:16 being the president and master over all the rest, completely finished his work. He who gave him understanding gave him strength. Note; The work of grace in the soul, the spiritual temple which the Divine Artificer hath begun, he will not fail to complete in every faithful soul, till we shall be perfect in glory, lacking nothing.

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