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2 Chronicles 4

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Verses 1-22

The Contents of the Temple

1. An altar] This was in the Temple court. Though its construction is not described in Kings, it is mentioned in 1 Kings 8:64; 2 Kings 16:14

3. Oxen] rather, ’knops’ (i.e. gourds): see 1 Kings 7:24.

7. According to their form] RV ’According to the ordinance concerning them.’ In the temple] i.e. in the Holy Place.

9. The great court] The word here used differs from that employed for ’the court of the priests.’ It was in the ’great court’ that the scaffold mentioned in 2 Chronicles 6:13 was placed: see on 1 Kings 7:9.

10. The right side of the east end] i.e. at the SE. corner.

12. Pommels] RV ’bowls,’ i.e. the globes of the capitals; and so in 2 Chronicles 4:13.

14. He made.. made he] probably an error for ’ten., ten.’

16. Fleshhooks] probably an error for ’basons,’ 2 Chronicles 4:11: cp. 1 Kings 7:45.

20. After the manner] RV ’according to the ordinance.’ In the Law (Exodus 27:21) it was required that a light should burn always before the veil.

22. The entry] probably an error for ’the hinges,’ 1 Kings 7:50.

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