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2 Chronicles 8

Verse 2

2 Chronicles 8:2. Which Huram had restored Had left. See 1 Kings 9:13.

Verse 4

2 Chronicles 8:4. And all the store-cities, &c.— And also other store-cities, which are in Hamath. Houbigant.

Verse 7

2 Chronicles 8:7. Which were not of Israel i.e. Who did not observe the Jewish law and religion.

Verse 10

2 Chronicles 8:10. And these were the chief of king Solomon's officers, &c.— But those chief officers who presided over the works of Solomon, were two hundred and fifty. See 1 Kings 9:23 where they are said to be five hundred and fifty. Other inferior officers were included perhaps in the former account.

REFLECTIONS.—1st, The only warlike expedition that Solomon was engaged in, we have in 2 Chronicles 8:3 reducing to his obedience Hamath-zobah, which seems to have revolted. His buildings, to which his genius led him, still went forward; and the old inhabitants of the land, now brought under tribute and proselyted, afforded him a number of workmen, without employing the nobler freeborn Israelites. Having built a palace for his wife, the daughter of Pharaoh, he removed her from the city of David, where she had her residence before; for, though probably a proselyte herself, many of her Egyptian servants might retain the idols and iniquities of Egypt; and a place which had been favoured with the ark of God, so long the seat of worship, and where David prayed and sung before the Lord, ought not to be profaned by such inhabitants. Note; They who marry into improper families, will find a burden and a snare from the evil manners of their wife's friends and relations, with whom they become necessarily connected.

2nd, Solomon had not only built a temple for the honour of God, but took care to continue waiting upon him there in his instituted ways. Building churches will do a man no good, if his spirit be not engaged in the service of the sanctuary.

1. The temple work was carried on exactly according to the divine prescription, and the courses of priests and Levites in waiting according to David's institution. Note; Regular and stated returns of worship are carefully to be observed.

2. Solomon's trade flourished. He visited his sea-ports in person, and, with the assistance of Hiram's mariners, made a very successful voyage to Ophir. Note; (1.) The master's eye is most necessary over his own affairs. (2.) Men brave every danger of the seas for the gold of Ophir; and shall we be less solicitous to secure the more enduring treasures of grace and glory?

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