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2 Chronicles 8

Hawker's Poor Man's CommentaryPoor Man's Commentary

Verse 1


This chapter relates to us a further account of Solomon's buildings. Having built the temple and his own house, he here is represented as building cities. The Gentiles are made tributaries. His yearly sacrifices.

Verses 1-6

The view here given of Solomon is similar to what is related of him, 1 Kings 9:0 . To one of Solomon's wisdom, one might have hoped to have heard more of his hours of meditation and prayer than of his building of cities! alas! what earthly affections are in our minds.

Verses 7-10

The distinction Solomon made between his own people and the strangers, in exacting from the latter tribute, might, for ought I know, be politic as a prince. But blessed be our almighty Solomon, he makes no distinction between Jew and Gentile. The latter are fellow-heirs. And of such Jesus himself saith, Other sheep I have which are not of this fold; them also I must bring, and they shall hear my voice, and there shall be one fold, and one shepherd. John 10:16 .

Verse 11

There is a great outline of character given here of Solomon. In all his pursuits of pleasure he still retained a veneration for holy things.

Verses 12-16

The most interesting part to be noticed in these verses is what is said of the every-day offering. Never, from the. first institution of sacrifices was this omitted. The lamb of the morning, and the lamb of the evening. What a wonderful thought! that three o'clock in the afternoon which was the ninth hour in the Jews reckoning, should have been held so sacred for the evening sacrifice, because that was the hour which had been appointed before all worlds for the offering of the body of Jesus on the cross. The ninth hour Jesus cried, It is finished; and the whole of redemption was then completed. The Holy Ghost, we see, marked this hour in all the evening sacrifices with an eye to Jesus, from the beginning.

Verses 17-18

Solomon is represented under various characters. But though he went, it seems, in person to gather the gold of Ophir, yet he himself hath left it upon record that there is a merchandise that is better than the merchandise of silver, and the gain thereof than fine gold. Proverbs 3:14 . And what is that but the bartering with thee, thou blessed Jesus, our poverty for thy riches; our sins for thy righteousness; and our weakness for thy strength. Oh! for that durable riches and righteousness which is with thee, in which there is nothing hollow and unsubstantial; for thou causest them that love thee to inherit substance, and thou fillest all their treasures. Proverbs 8:21; Proverbs 8:21 .

Verse 18


WHILE I behold Solomon engaged in building houses, and going as a merchantman to gather riches; Lord, I would say, make me a wise master-builder, and the true merchantman that seeketh goodly pearls, even the pearl of good price.

Upon thee, thou blessed Jesus, as the chief corner-stone God the Father hath laid in Zion, would I build both for my present, and for my eternal habitation. And Lord, do thou instruct me so to build that when the winds, and storms, and rain shall descend, being founded upon thee the rock of ages, I shall never fall, but abide on thee, and in thee, forever.

And as a goodly merchantman may I seek thee, the precious treasure hid in the field; needing not to go to Ezion-geber, and to Eloth, but may find thee at the entering in of the gates, and at the coming in of the doors. Yes! blessed Jesus, thou standest, and criest, and holdest forth thy riches, yea durable riches and righteousness, without money and without price. Oh! then, thou dearest Lord! teach my soul this precious merchandise, how a poor sinner may be eternally rich in receiving out of a full Saviour, whom the more he gives out, the more he hath to bestow; and the more impoverished insolvent sinners he receives, the more glorious he himself becomes. Here, Lord, would I for once be truly covetous, and desire to make this the gainful business of all my life. For this would I rise early, late take rest, and eat the bread of carefulness, that Jesus, with all his fullness, God with all his promises, and the Holy Spirit with all his influences, I might bring home to my house, to my heart, to my soul; and live and feast upon them forever and ever.

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