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Wednesday, July 17th, 2024
the Week of Proper 10 / Ordinary 15
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The Gospels ComparedGospels Compared

- Matthew

Chronological Index of Gospel Events
Luke’s purpose in writing1:1-4
God became a human being1:1-18
The ancestors of Jesus1:1-173:23-38
An angel promises the birth of John to Zechariah1:5-25
An angel promises the birth of Jesus to Mary1:26-38
Mary visits Elizabeth1:39-56
John the Baptist is born1:57-80
An angel appears to Joseph1:18-25
Jesus is born in Bethlehem2:1-7
Shepherds visit Jesus2:8-20
Mary and Joseph bring Jesus to the temple2:21-40
Visitors arrive from eastern lands2:1-12
The escape to Egypt2:13-18
The return to Nazareth2:19-23
Jesus speaks with the religious teachers2:41-52
John the Baptist prepares the way for Jesus3:1-121:1-83:1-18
John baptizes Jesus3:13-171:9-113:21, 22
Satan tempts Jesus in the desert4:1-111:12, 134:1-13
John the Baptist declares his mission1:19-28
John the Baptist proclaims Jesus as the Messiah1:29-34
The first disciples follow Jesus1:35-51
Jesus turns water into wine2:1-12
Jesus clears the temple2:12-25
Nicodemus visits Jesus at night3:1-21
John the Baptist tells more about Jesus3:22-36
Herod puts John in prison3:19, 20
Jesus talks to a woman at the well4:1-26
Jesus tells about the spiritual harvest4:27-38
Many Samaritans believe in Jesus4:39-42
Jesus preaches in Galilee4:12-171:14, 154:14, 154:43-45
Jesus heals a government official’s son4:46-54
Jesus is rejected at Nazareth4:16-30
Four fishermen follow Jesus4:18-221:16-20
Jesus teaches with great authority1:21-284:31-37
Jesus heals Peter’s mother-in-law and many others8:14-171:29-344:38-41
Jesus preaches throughout Galilee4:23-251:35-394:42-44
Jesus provides a miraculous catch of fish5:1-11
Jesus heals a man with leprosy8:1-41:40-455:12-16
Jesus heals a paralyzed man9:1-82:1-125:17-26
Jesus eats with sinners at Matthew’s house9:9-132:13-175:27-32
Religious leaders ask Jesus about fasting9:14-172:18-225:33-39
Jesus heals a lame man by the pool5:1-18
Jesus claims to be God’s Son5:19-30
Jesus supports his claim5:31-47
The disciples pick wheat on the Sabbath12:1-82:23-286:1-5
Jesus heals a man’s hand on the Sabbath12:9-143:1-66:6-11
Large crowds follow Jesus12:15-213:7-12
Jesus selects the twelve disciples3:13-196.12-16
Jesus gives the Beatitudes5:1-126:17-26
Jesus teaches about salt and light5:13-16
Jesus teaches about the law5:17-20
Jesus teaches about anger5:21-26
Jesus teaches about lust5:27-30
Jesus teaches about divorce5:31, 32
Jesus teaches about vows5:33-37
Jesus teaches about retaliation5:38-40
Jesus teaches about loving enemies5:43-486:27-36
Jesus teaches about giving to the needy6:1-4
Jesus teaches about prayer6:5-15
Jesus teaches about fasting6:16-18
Jesus teaches about money6:19-24
Jesus teaches about worry6:25-34
Jesus teaches about criticizing others7:1-66:37-42
Jesus teaches about asking, seeking, knocking7:7-12
Jesus teaches about the way to heaven7:13, 14
Jesus teaches about fruit in people’s lives7:15-206:43-45
Jesus teaches about those who build houses on rock and sand7:21-296:46-49
A Roman centurion demonstrates faith8:5-137:1-10
Jesus raises a widow’s son from the dead7:11-17
Jesus eases John’s doubt11:1-197:18-35
Jesus promises rest for the soul11:20-30
A sinful woman anoints Jesus’ feet7:36-50
Women accompany Jesus and the disciples8:1-3
Religious leaders accuse Jesus of being under Satan’s power12:22-373:20-30
Religious leaders ask Jesus for a miracle12:38-45
Jesus describes his true family12:46-503:31-358:19-21
Jesus tells the parable of the four soils13:1-94:1-98:4-8
Jesus explains the parable of the four soils13:10-234:10-258:9-18
Jesus tells the parable of the growing seed4:26-29
Jesus tells the parable of the weeds13:24-30
Jesus tells the parable of the mustard seed13:31,324:30-34
Jesus tells the parable of the yeast13:33-35
Jesus explains the parable of the weeds13:36-43
Jesus tells the parable of hidden treasure13:44
Jesus tells the parable of the pearl merchant13:45,46
Jesus tells the parable of the fishing net13:47-52
Jesus calms the storm8:23-274:35-418:22-25
Jesus sends the demons into a herd of pigs8:28-345:1-208:26-39
Jesus heals a bleeding woman and restores a girl to life9:18-265:21-438:40-56
Jesus heals the blind and mute9:27-34
The people of Nazareth refuse to believe13:53-586:1-6
Jesus urges the disciples to pray for workers9:35-38
Jesus sends out the twelve disciples10:1-166:7-139:1-6
Jesus prepares the disciples for persecution10:17-40
Herod kills John the Baptist14:1-126:14-299:7-9
Jesus feeds live thousand14:13-216:30-449:10-17
Jesus walks on water14:22-336:45-526:16-21
Jesus heals all who touch him14:34-366:53-56
Jesus is the true bread from heaven6:22-40
The Jews disagree that Jesus is from heaven6:41-59
Many disciples desert Jesus6:60-71
Jesus teaches about inner purity15:1-207:1-23
Jesus sends a demon out of a girl15:21-287:24-30
The crowd marvels at Jesus’ healings15:29-317:31-37
Jesus feeds four thousand15:32-398:1-10
Religious leaders ask for a sign in the sky16:1-48:11-13
Jesus warns against wrong teaching16:5-128:14-21
Jesus restores sight to a blind man8:22-26
Peter says Jesus is the Messiah16:13-208:27-309:18-20
Jesus predicts his death the first time16:21-288:31-9:19:21-27
Jesus is transfigured on the mountain17:1-139:2-139:28-36
Jesus heals a demon-possessed boy17:14-219:14-299:37-43
Jesus predicts his death the second time17:22,239:30-329:44, 45
Peter finds the coin in the fish’s mouth17:24-27
The disciples argue about who would be the greatest18:1-69:33-379:46-48
The disciples forbid another to use Jesus’ name9:38-419:49, 50
Jesus warns against temptation18:7-99:42-50
Jesus warns against looking down on others18:10-14
Jesus teaches how to treat a believer who sins18:15-20
Jesus tells the parable of the unforgiving debtor18:21-35
Jesus’ brothers ridicule him7:1-9
Jesus teaches about the cost of following him8:18-229:51-62
Jesus teaches openly at the temple7:10-31
Religious leaders attempt to arrest Jesus7:32-52
Jesus forgives an adulterous woman7:53-8:11
Jesus is the light of the world8:12-20
Jesus warns of coming judgment8:21-30
Jesus speaks about God’s true children8:31-47
Jesus states he is eternal8:48-59
Jesus sends out seventy-two messengers10:1-16
The seventy-two messengers return10:17-24
Jesus tells the parable of the Good Samaritan10:25-37
Jesus visits Mary and Martha10:38-42
Jesus teaches his disciples about prayer11:1-13
Jesus answers hostile accusations11:14-28
Jesus warns against unbelief11:29-32
Jesus teaches about the light within11:33-36
Jesus criticizes the religious leaders11:37-54
Jesus speaks against hypocrisy12:1-12
Jesus tells the parable of the rich fool12:13-21
Jesus warns about worry12:22-34
Jesus warns about preparing for his coming12:35-48
Jesus warns about coming division12:49-53
Jesus warns about the future crisis12:54-59
Jesus calls the people to repent13:1-9
Jesus heals the crippled woman13:10-17
Jesus teaches about the kingdom of God13:18-21
Jesus heals the man who was born blind9:1-12
Religious leaders question the blind man9:13-34
Jesus teaches about spiritual blindness9:35-41
Jesus is the Good Shepherd10:1-21
Religious leaders surround Jesus at the temple10:22-42
Jesus teaches about entering the kingdom13:22-30
Jesus grieves over Jerusalem13:31-35
Jesus heals a man with dropsy14:1-6
Jesus teaches about seeking honor14:7-14
Jesus tells the parable of the great feast14:15-24
Jesus teaches about the cost of being a disciple14:25-35
Jesus tells the parable of the lost sheep15:1-7
Jesus tells the parable of the lost coin15:8-10
Jesus tells the parable of the lost son15:11-32
Jesus tells the parable of the shrewd manager16:1-18
Jesus tells about the rich man and the beggar16:19-31
Jesus tells about forgiveness and faith17:1-10
Lazarus becomes ill and dies11:1-16
Jesus comforts Mary and Martha11:17-37
Jesus raises Lazarus from the dead11:38-44
Religious leaders plot to kill Jesus11:45-57
Jesus heals ten men with leprosy17:11-19
Jesus teaches about the coming of the kingdom of God17:20-37
Jesus tells the parable of the persistent widow18:1-8
Jesus tells the parable of two men who prayed18:9-14
Jesus teaches about marriage and divorce19:1-1210:1-12
Jesus blesses little children19:13-1510:13-1618:15-17
Jesus speaks to the rich young man19:16-3010:17-3118:18-30
Jesus tells the parable of the workers paid equally20:1-16
Jesus predicts his death the third time20:17-1910:32-3418:31-34
Jesus teaches about serving others20:20-2810:35-45
Jesus heals a blind beggar20:29-3410:46-5218:35-43
Jesus brings salvation to Zacchaeus’s home19:1-10
Jesus tells the parable of the king’s ten servants19:11-27
A woman anoints Jesus with perfume26:6-1314:3-912:1-11
Jesus rides into Jerusalem on a donkey21:1-1111:1-1119:28-4412:12-19
Jesus clears the temple again21:12-1711:12-1919:45-48
Jesus explains why he must die12:20-36
Most of the people do not believe in Jesus12:37-43
Jesus summarizes his message12:44-50
Jesus says the disciples can pray for anything21:18-2211:20-26
Religious leaders challenge Jesus’ authority21:23-2711:27-3320:1-8
Jesus tells the parable of the two sons21:28-32
Jesus tells the parable of the wicked tenants21:33-4612:1-1220:9-19
Jesus tells the parable of the wedding feast22:1-14
Religious leaders question Jesus about paying taxes22:15-2212:13-1720:20-26
Religious leaders question Jesus about the resurrection22:23-3312:18-2720:27-40
Religious leaders question Jesus about the greatest commandment22:34-4012:28-34
Religious leaders cannot answer Jesus’ question22:41-4612:35-3720:41-44
Jesus warms against the religious leaders23:1-1212:38-4020:45-47
Jesus condemns the religious leaders23:13-36
Jesus grieves over Jerusalem again23:37-39
A poor widow gives all she has12:41-4421:1-4
Jesus tells about the future24:1-2513:1-2321:5-24
Jesus tells about his return24:26-3513:24-3121:25-33
Jesus tells about remaining watchful24:36-5113:32-3721:34-38
Jesus tells the parable of the ten bridesmaids25:1-13
Jesus tells the parable of the loaned money25:14-30
Jesus tells about the final judgment25:31-46
Religious leaders plot to kill Jesus26:1-514:1, 222:1, 2
Judas agrees to betray Jesus26:14-1614:10,1122:3-6
Disciples prepare for the Passover26:17-1914:12-1622:7-13
Jesus washes the disciples’ feet13:1-20
Jesus and the disciples have the Last Supper26:20-3014:17-2622:14-3013:21-30
Jesus predicts Peter’s denial22:31-3813:31-38
Jesus is the way to the Father14:1-14
A Jesus promises the Holy Spirit14:15-31
Jesus teaches about the vine and the branches15:1-17
Jesus warns about the world’s hatred15:18 -16:4
Jesus teaches about the Holy Spirit16:5-15
Jesus teaches about using his name in prayer16:16-33
Jesus prays for himself17:1-5
Jesus prays for his disciples17:6-19
Jesus prays for future believers17:20-26
Jesus again predicts Peter’s denial26:31-3514:27-31
Jesus agonizes in the garden26:36-4614:32-4122:39-46
Jesus is betrayed and arrested26:47-5614:43-5222:47-5318:1-11
Annas -questions Jesus18:12-24
Caiaphas questions Jesus26:57-6814:53-65
Peter denies knowing Jesus26:69-7514:66-7222:54-6518:25-27
The council of religious leaders condemns Jesus27:1, 215:122:66-71
Judas kills himself27:3-10
Jesus stands trial before Pilate27:11-1415:2-523:1-518:28-37
Jesus stands trial before Herod23:6-12
Pilate hands Jesus over to be crucified27:15-2615:6-1523:13-2518:38-19:16
Roman soldiers mock Jesus27:27-3115:16-20
Jesus is led away to be crucified27:32-3415:21-2423:26-3119:17
Jesus is placed on the cross27:35-4415:25-3223:32-4319:18-27
Jesus dies on the cross27:45-5615:33-4123:44-4919:28-37
Jesus is laid in the tomb27:57-6115:42-4723:50-5619:38-43
Guards are posted at the tomb27:62-66
Jesus rises from the dead28:1-716:1-824:1-1220:1-9
Jesus appears to Mary Magdalene16:9-1120:10-18
Jesus appears to the women28:8-10
Religious leaders bribe the guards28:11-15
Jesus appears to two believers traveling on the road16:12,1324:13-35
Jesus appears to the disciples behind locked doors24:36-4320:19-23
Jesus appears to the disciples including Thomas16:1420:24-31
Jesus appears to the disciples while fishing21 1-14
Jesus talks with Peter21:15-25
Jesus gives the Great Commission28:16-2016:15-18
Jesus appears to the disciples in Jerusalem24:44-49
Jesus ascends into heaven16:19,2024:50-53
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