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Psalms 93

Scott's Explanatory Notes, Practical Observations on the book PsalmsScott on the Psalms

Verses 1-5

Psalms 93:1-5.

V. 1, 2. There is no title to this psalm, in the Hebrew; but in the Septuagint it is entitled, For the day before the sabbath, when the earth had been in’ habited, An ode of David : ’ and the Jews have a tradition, that it was composed to be sung on the sixth day of the week, in commemoration of the earth being on that day completed and replenished with inhabitants.

(Notes, Genesis 1:20-31.) The great Creator of the world, the eternal JEHOVAH, is the universal and everlasting King and Governor over all his creatures. Help also " clothed," or arrayed, not as other kings with costly robes, but " with " majesty and power" incomprehensible, yea infinite, which appertain to him, as self-existent, in such a manner that they are absolutely his own ; " he hath girded " himself with them," and not derived them from any other. And the same power, which at the creation established the earth and the whole world, and gave a law which cannot be broken, has also established the throne of the Creator on animmoveable basis, as necessarily resulting from his own eternity and all-sufficiency. The government of God, however, over his own people, seems especially intended : and the Jews themselves acknowledge that the stability of the Messiah’s kingdom is predicted, and that he is peculiarly meant in this and several of the following psalms. Indeed, Immanuel is clothed and hath girded himself with majesty and strength ; and the power which established the world, establishes also the mediatorial kingdom of the Redeemer, " whose goings forth have " been of old, from everlasting."

(Notes, Psalms 45:1-7 - Psalms 96:10-13. Psalms 97:1. Psalms 99:1-4. Jeremiah 10:9-11. Micah 5:2. Zechariah 9:9-10. Matthew 2:3-6.)

V. 3, 4. The impetuous torrents of large rivers, swelled by sudden floods, and bearing down all before them, with irresistible fury and tremendous noise ; and especially " the " mighty waves of the sea," during a violent storm, which absolutely baffles description, and distances imagination ; are the emblems of the numerous and powerful enemies, which have in every age, by varied means, set themselves furiously and clamorously to oppose the kingdom of God and his Christ.

(Notes, Psalms 46:1-3; Psalms 65:6-7.Is 17: 12- 14. Jeremiah 46:7-8.) But he who at first set bounds to the proud ocean ; who drove back the waters of the deluge to their ancient channel ; who divided the Red Sea and Jordan for his people to pass through ; who " walked on the " waves of the sea," and " rebuked the winds and waves, " saying, Peace, be still, and there was a great calm : " even he is higher and more powerful than all " the floods of " ungodly men," who rage against him and his people ; as well as " mightier than the noise of many waters."

(Marg. Ref. Notes, Psalms 104:6-9. Psalms 107:23-30. Genesis 8:1-3. Exodus 14:21-23; Exodus 14:26-30. Joshua 3:16-17. Job 38:8-11. Jeremiah 5:20-25. Matthew 8:23-27; Matthew 14:25-27.)

V. 5. Revealed truth, and the promises grounded on it, are " the testimonies " of God, which " are very sure," and can never fail. (Notes, Psalms 19:7-11. Psalms 119:111-129. Is. 8: 20. 1 John 5:9-12.) These ensure the safety of the church and the salvation of each believer. In these testimonies, and his faithfulness to them, God shews his own holiness : and it becomes, or is the ornament and beauty of, all who belong to his family, to resemble and imitate him in holiness.

(Notes, Leviticus 10:3; Leviticus 21:6-8. Is. 52. 11, 12. Ezekiel 44:7-14. 1 Peter 1:13-16; 1 Peter 2:9-10.) " The " foundation of God standeth sure, having this seal, The " Lord knoweth them that are his ; and, Let every one " that nameth the name of Christ depart from iniquity." (Notes, 2 Timothy 2:19-22.) " Sacred and inviolable is the ’ word of our King ; sacred and inviolable should be the ’ loyalty of his subjects.’ Bp. Home.


JEHOVAH might have determined to shew his justice, holiness, and awful power alone, in his dealings with the inhabitants of this revolted province of his universal kingdom. But he has been pleased to make choice of fallen men, for the display of the riches of his mercy, and of the power of his renewing grace. In effecting this great design, the Father has " given all power in heaven and " earth " to his only begotten Son, " the second Adam, " the Lord from heaven ;" (Notes, 1 Corinthians 15:20-28; 1 Corinthians 15:45-49;) who, by his humiliation and sufferings, has made atonement for our sins and purchased our salvation. " He is " able to save to the uttermost all those who come to God " by him ; " and can, to the glory of all the divine attributes, not only pardon, but deliver, uphold, and protect all who trust in him. The combined legions of evil spirits and ungodly men do indeed furiously threaten and assault his kingdom on earth, as the tempestuous waves once did the bark in which Jesus sailed. But he needs only to arise, and speak with authority, and they will tremble and desist ; as knowing that " the LORD on high is mightier " than they all. While " his sure testimony " engages his protection to his church, his true disciples have nothing to fear. But we should all carefully enquire whether his kingdom have indeed been set up in our hearts. This will best be decided by examining, whether we so believe his testimonies and depend on him for salvation, as to be led to love and follow after that holiness, which his precepts command and his example displays, which Decomes all who profess the truth, and is bestowed on all his real servants, in a measure on earth, and completely in heaven for ever.

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