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Psalms 93

Dummelow's Commentary on the BibleDummelow on the Bible

Verses 1-5

This Ps., along with Psalms 95-100, celebrates God as King. The thought which is common to this whole group seems to have been awakened by a national deliverance, which was probably the return from the Babylonian captivity. The present Ps. is brief, and speaks of God’s sovereign rule, His majesty and strength (Psalms 93:1), the eternity and steadfastness of His royal throne (Psalms 93:2), His supremacy above the waves of the sea (Psalms 93:3-4), and the holiness of His Temple (Psalms 93:5).

1. The world.. is (or, ’shall be’) stablished] see Psalms 75:3; Psalms 82:5. God’s rule is the security of all moral order in the world.

3, 4. The floods and waves are emblems of the heathen nations.

4. Noise] RV ’voices.’

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