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Exodus 35

Whedon's Commentary on the BibleWhedon's Commentary


(3.) The Construction, Erection, and Dedication of the Tabernacle. Chapters 35-40.


We here enter upon the last stage of the divine adoption of Israel, as completed at Sinai, and written in this book. We have been told of the bitter oppression of Pharaoh, the birth and calling of Moses, the wonderful triumph over the superstitions of Egypt, the march to Sinai, the giving of the law, the plan of the tabernacle, and the lamentable breach of the covenant. After much intercession and penitence the tables of the law have been renewed, the covenant once more acknowledged and confirmed by the gracious word of Jehovah, (Exodus 34:10,) and now, as if resuming the narrative broken off at the close of chapter 31, we are informed how, under the direction of Moses, the tabernacle and its vessels were made, accepted, and dedicated to Jehovah, and filled with the divine glory. As these concluding chapters are in the main a recapitulation of the details given in chapters 25-31, the reader is referred to the notes on the text of those chapters. Only a few words and phrases call for further comment.

Verse 1

THE SABBATH, Exodus 35:1-3.

1. These are the words The plan of the tabernacle which had been given Moses in the mount had not yet been communicated to Israel . Moses now assembles all the congregation, and makes known how Jehovah would have them prepare for him a sanctuary .

Verse 2

2. The seventh day… a sabbath of rest The purpose of this repetition of the sabbath law was probably to prevent any attempt to carry forward the work of the tabernacle on the holy day . See note on Exodus 31:13.

Verse 3

3. Kindle no fire This prohibition is implied in Exodus 16:23, but is here first formally enunciated . The offence recorded in Numbers 15:32-36, looked toward the violation of this commandment.

Verses 5-9


5-9. An offering See notes on Exodus 25:2-7.

Verse 10

10. Wise hearted See note on Exodus 28:3.

Verses 11-19

11-19. The tabernacle, etc . These different parts of the sanctuary and the sacred vessels are illustrated in notes on chaps . 25-28 .

Verse 21

21. Every one whom his spirit made willing Were there, then, some who failed to assist in thus providing for the work of the tabernacle? So one may naturally infer from the form of statement here recorded . This would only accord with what is noticeable in all periods of the history of God’s people . In times of highest enthusiasm and self-consecration, there will be found some heartless hangers on .

Verse 22

22. Both men and women As if anticipating the New Testament idea, that in the life and fellowship of God there is neither male nor female .

Galatians 3:28. But in the making of this sanctuary, as in building the Christian Church, there is work both for men and women . As there are some kinds of work suitable only for men and not for women, so there are other kinds suitable only for women and not for men . So, too, it may be in the Christian Church .

Bracelets The exact meaning of the word ( חח ) thus translated is not certain . It has been rendered by brooches, hooks, chains, clasps, nose-jewel .

Earrings See on Exodus 32:2.

Rings Probably signet rings. See note on Genesis 41:42.

Tablets Occurs only here and Numbers 31:50, and is of uncertain meaning . It has been variously explained, as armlets, necklaces, beads, lockets .

Verse 25

25. Women… did spin This appears to have been the business of women among the Egyptians and other ancient nations . The fact that the wise hearted women did this work shows that it was a labour requiring skill .

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