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Hosea 14

Zerr's Commentary on Selected Books of the New TestamentZerr's N.T. Commentary

Verse 1

Hos 14:1. The general subject of this chapter is a prediction of the return from the captivity. One of the objects to be accomplished by that terrible experience was the reformation of the nation. In keeping with that object, tills verse is an exhortation to the people to return unto the Lord.

Verse 2

Hos 14:2. They are exhorted to make the proper supplication to God on ac-count of their departures from the true worship. Render the calves of our lips is a very comprehensive phrase. It is formed in view of the idolatrous worship of the calves set up by Jeroboam (1Ki 12:28). instead of such religious exercises, the people were exhorted to offer proper prayers to God, which is the meaning of the italicized words above. Paul makes the same figurative use of the subject in Heb 13:15.

Verse 3

Hos 14:3. The attitude of penitence toward God is still indicated by the prayer proposed for Israel- Asshur (Assyria) was the nation that took the 10-tribe kingdom out of its home land, and now the people are to realize that no dependence can be placed upon that idolatrous country. To ride upon horses would indicate a favor granted under the protection of a ruling power. There was a time when Israel might have expected to receive such favors from Assyria, but that will have been shown to be a vain thing. Work of our hands refers to the Idols the people had made out of wood, stone or roetal. They were to be convinced that such gods are vain and unable to bestow any blessings upon their worshipers. Instead, in thee (the Lord) the poor and helpless And mercy.

Verse 4

Hos 14:4. Will heal their backsliding is a prediction of the effect the captivity was to have upon the practice of idolatry. The anger of God is always caused by the unrighteous conduct of man, and when that is changed for the better the anger also will be reversed and the mercy Of God will be shown.

Verse 5

Hos 14:5. The laws of vegetation under the conditions of nature are used for comparison. After a sultry day has caused the plants to droop, the dew of the night appearing in the morning will cause them to revive and lift up their heads. Likewise, after the scorching effect of the captivity, the dew of the release will rekindle hope again in the hearts of the people of Israel.

Verse 6

Hos 14:6. This is more on the same thoughts as the preceding verse.

Verse 7

Hos 14:7. The laws and procedure of vegetation are continued to be used to compare the favorable experiences of Israel. His shadaiv means the Lord’s shadow or protection from the scorch-ing heat of enemy fire. Under the soothing effect of the shade and the enlivening help of the renewed seasons of the “early and latter rain," the plant of God (Israel) was to take on new life.

Verse 8

Hos 14:8. This verse is a direct pre-diction of the cure of idolatry that was to be accomplished by the captivity. The historical quotation that shows the fulfillment of this prediction is shown in connection with Isa 1:25, volume 3 of this COMMENTABY.

Verse 9

Hos 14:9. This verse is a general statement that would be appropriate at any time and place, A wise man will understand the ways of the Lord be-cause such will "consider” what has been said. Israel had not done so pre-viously and hence this great trouble came upon the nation (Isa 1:3),
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