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1. A celebrated place between the Jordan and Jericho, where the Israelites first encamped, after the passage of that river; where also they were circumcised, and kept their first Passover in Canaan, Joshua 4:19 5:9,10 . It continued to be the headquarters of the Israelites for several years, while Joshua was occupied in subduing the land, Joshua 9:6 10:6,15,43 . A considerable city was afterwards built there, Joshua 15:7 , which became famous for many events. Here the tabernacle rested, until its removal to Shiloh; here also, according to the prevalent opinion, Samuel offered sacrifices, and held his court as a judge of Israel; and here Saul was crowned, 1 Samuel 7:16 10:8 11:15 1 Samuel 13:7-9 15:33 . A school of the prophets was established, 2 Kings 4:38; and yet it afterwards appears to have become a seat of idolatry, Hosea 4:15 9:15 12:11 Amos 4:4 5:5 . At this day, no traces of it are found. According to Josephus, it lay within two miles of Jericho.

2. Another Gilgol lay near Antipatris, Joshua 12:23 Nehemiah 12:29 . And perhaps a third in the mountains of Ephraim, north of Bethel, Deuteronomy 11:30 2 Kings 2:1-6 . There are not wanting those who would make the Gilgal near Antipatris the seat of Samuel's judgeship, and of one of the schools of the prophets.

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