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(ehk' rahn) Ekron is the northernmost of the five major Philistine cities known as the pentapolis. The site of ancient Ekron has been much debated, but now is generally agreed to be modern tell Miqne, about 14 miles inland from the Mediterranean Sea and 10 miles from Ashdod. The site is one of the largest in Palestine, covering some 50 acres. Ekron lies on the road leading from Ashdod into the Judean hill country and up to Jerusalem through the Sorek Valley.

Ekron was assigned to both Judah (Joshua 15:11 ,Joshua 15:11,15:45-46 ) and Dan (Joshua 19:43 ) in the tribal allotments. It probably lay on the border between the tribes. Judges 1:18 reports that Judah captured Ekron along with other parts of the Philistine coast, but Ekron was certainly in Philistine hands at the time the ark was captured ( 1 Samuel 5:10 ). It was also the place to which the Philistines retreated after David slew Goliath (1 Samuel 17:52 ). Ahaziah, the son of King Ahab of Israel, called on the god of Ekron, Baal-zebub, when he was sick (2 Kings 1:2-16 ). That name (literally, “Lord of the flies”) may have been slightly changed by the Hebrew writer to express antipathy toward the Philistine deity. The name of the deity may have been Baal-zebul (“Baal is exalted”).

Excavations at tell Miqne have discovered much pottery that is typically Philistine. From the last period before tell Miqne was destroyed by the Babylonians, the excavators found an important industrial complex near the city gate. A hoard of iron agricultural tools was found. Hundreds of whole pottery vessels were present. Perhaps most importantly, a well-preserved olive press was discovered. This press is the largest and best preserved known in Israel. A horned altar was also found during the excavations.

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