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(1) A tuft, tress, or ringlet of hair; (2) a bolt used to secure a door. As a sign of their dedication to God, Nazarites were not permitted to cut their locks (Numbers 6:5; Judges 16:19 ). Priests were likewise prohibited from shaving their heads, though they could trim their hair (Ezekiel 44:20 ). The Hebrew term which the KJV translated locks at Song of Song of Solomon 4:1 ,Song of Song of Solomon 4:3; Song of Song of Solomon 6:7; and Isaiah 47:2 is rendered veil by modern translations. In the Old Testament period, door locks were bolts with holes into which small iron or wooden pins would drop to secure the bolt ( Nehemiah 3:3 ,Nehemiah 3:3,3:6 ,Nehemiah 3:6,3:13 ,Nehemiah 3:13,3:15; Song of Song of Solomon 5:5; compare Judges 3:23-24 ). The bolt was generally seven to nine inches long for an interior door, fourteen inches to two feet for an outside door. The key had iron pegs corresponding to the position of the pins in the bolt and worked by forcing these pins up (Judges 3:25 ).

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