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(ree' hoh boh' uhm) Personal name meaning, “he enlarges the people.” One of Solomon's sons and his successor to the throne of the united monarchy (1 Kings 11:43 ). He reigned about 931-913 B.C. While at Shechem for his crowning ceremony as king over Israel (1 Kings 12:1 ), the people asked Rehoboam if he would remove some of the tax burden and labor laws which his father had placed on them. Instead of taking the advice of the older men, he acted on the counsel of those who wanted to increase further the burden. The northern tribes revolted and made the rebel Jeroboam their king. Rehoboam was left with only the tribes of Judah and Benjamin. He continued the pagan ways which Solomon had allowed (1 Kings 14:21-24 ) and fought against Jeroboam and Shishak of Egypt. Some of his fortifications may be those at Lachish and Azekah.

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