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(ree' hoh bahth) Place name meaning, “broad places.” 1. Rehoboth-Ir, “broad places of the city,” likely denotes an open space within Nineveh or its suburbs (Genesis 10:11 ) rather than a separate city between Nineveh and Calah. 2. Site of a well dug and retained by Isaac's men in the valley of Gerar (Genesis 26:22 ). The name affirms that God had made room for them following confrontations over rights to two previous wells. 3. Unidentified Edomite city (Genesis 36:37; 1 Chronicles 1:48 ). KJV, NIV, and TEV distinguish this city as Rehoboth by the river. NAS, NRSV, and REB identify the river as the Euphrates. Edomite dominion reaching the Euphrates is improbable. Thus some suggest the Zered Brook, the principal stream in Edom, as the site of Rehoboth.

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