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SENSE, n. from L. sensus, from sentio, to feel or perceive.

1. The faculty of the soul by which it perceives external objects by means of impressions made on certain organs of the boky.

Sense is a branch of perception. the five senses of animals are sight, hearing, touch, smell, and taste.

2. Sensation perception by the senses.
3. Perception by the intellect apprehension discernment.
4. Sensibility quickness or acuteness of perception.
5. Understanding soundness of faculties strength of natural reason.

Opprest nature sleeps

This rest might yet have balm'd thy broken senses. Shak.

6. Reason reasonable or rational meaning.

He raves his words are loose

As heaps of sand, and scattering wide from sense. Dryden.

7. Opinion notion judgement.

I speak my private but impartial sense

With freedom. Roscommon.

8. Consciousness conviction as a due sense of our weakness or sinfulness.
9. Moral perception.

Some are so hardened in wickedness, as to have no sense of the most friendly offices.

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