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WORK, G., Gr.

1. In a general sense, to move, or to move one way and the other to perform as in popular language it is said, a mill or machine works well.
2. To labor to be occupied in performing manual labor, whether severe or moderate. One man works better than another one man works hare another works lazily.
3. To be in action or motion as the working of the heart.
4. To act to carry on operations.

Our better part remains to work in close design.

5. To operate to carry on business to be customarily engaged or employed in. Some work in the mines, others in the loom, others at the anvil.

They that work in fine flax. Isaiah 19 .

6. To ferment as, unfermented liquors work violently in hot weather.
7. To operate to produce effects by action or influence.

All things work together for good to them that love God. Roman 8.

This so wrought upon the child, that afterwards he desired to be taught.

8. To obtain by diligence. Little used.
9. To act or operate on the stomach and bowels as a cathartic.
10. To labor to strain to move heavily as, a ship works in a tempest.
11. To be tossed or agitated.

Confusd with working sands and rolling waves.

12. To enter by working as, to work into the earth.

To work on, to act on to influence.

To work up, to make way.

Body shall up to spirit work.

To work tot windward, among seamen, to sail or ply against the wind to beat.


1. To move to stir and mix as, to work mortar.
2. To form by labor to mold, shape or manufacture as, to work wood or iron into a form desired, or into an utensil to work cotton or wool into cloth.
3. To bring into any state by action. A foul stream, or new wine or cider, works itself clear.
4. To influence by acting upon to manage to lead.

An work your royal father to his ruin.

5. To make by action, labor or violence. A stream works a passage or a new channel.

Sidelong he works his way.

6. To produce by action, labor or exertion.

We might work any effect--only by the unity of nature.

Each herb he knew, that works or good or

7. To embroider as, to work muslin.
8. To direct the movements of, by adapting the sails to the wind as, to work a ship.
9. To put to labor to exert.

Work every nerve.

10. To cause to ferment, as liquor.

To work out,

1. To effect by labor and exertion.

Work out your own salvation with fear and trembling. Philippians 2 .

2. To expend in any work, as materials. They have worked up all the stock.

To work double tides, in the language of seamen, to perform the labor of three days in two a phrase taken from the practice f working by the night tide as well as by the day.

To work into, to make way, or to insinuate as, to work ones self into favor or confidence.

To work a passage, among seamen, to pay for a passage by doing duty on board of the ship.

WORK, n. G., Gr.

1. Labor employment exertion of strength particularly in man, manual labor.
2. State of labor as, to be at work.
3. Awkward performance. What work you make!
4. That which is made or done as good work, or bad work.
5. Embroidery flowers or figures wrought with the needle.
6. Any fabric or manufacture
7. The matter on which one is at work. In rising she dropped her work.
8. Action deed feat achievement as the works of bloody Mars.
9. Operation.

As to the composition or dissolution of mixed bodies, which is the chief work of elements--

10. Effect that which proceeds from agency.

Fancy wild work produces oft, and most in dreams.

11. Management treatment.
12. That which is produced by mental labor a composition a book as the works of Addison.
13. Works, in the plural, walls, trenches and the like, made for fortifications.
14. In theology, moral duties or external performances, as distinct from grace.

To set to work, To set on work, to employ to engage in any business.

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