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This animal is used as a figure or a type of power, sagacity, strength, wrath and ability. Sometimes the lion represents CHRIST JESUS. Sometimes it represents Satan. It always represents tremendous power and strength.

Genesis 49:9 (b) Emblematic of the power, strength and cunning of Judah for GOD because he came from GOD. The "lion" refers to GOD. Judah as the whelp is the offspring.

Judges 14:8 (c) This is sometimes taken as a type of CHRIST. Out of His death comes the sweetness of GOD's grace, and the blessings of salvation.

2 Samuel 17:10 (b) This is the estimate of David's power and boldness as given by Hushai. He uses this figure to describe the mighty fighting power of David.

1 Kings 7:29 (c) These figures represent various aspects of the Lord JESUS CHRIST. They are to be seen in connection with the character of CHRIST, both in Ezekiel and in the Revelation. Over the grave of Bobby Burns in the castle at Dumfernlin in Scotland there is a wooden canopy upheld by four posts. On the top of these posts there appear the four figures which Solomon mentions and which are also mentioned in Ezekiel - the lion, the ox, the man, the eagle. These indicate the four great attributes and characteristics of the Lord JESUS CHRIST.

1 Chronicles 11:22 (c) This may be used as a type of Satan. Though every condition was favorable to the lion, this bold servant of David took his life in his hand and killed the beast. So our Saviour with everything against Him overcame Satan at Calvary when it seemed as though He could not possibly come out of the conflict a victor.

1 Chronicles 12:8 (a) The face of the lion is under perfect control of the spirit of the lion. No one can tell the feelings of the lion by observing the face. Even when ready to attack, the face remains placid and calm. This figure used in connection with the Gadites indicates that these were men of might as the lion, men of fight as a lion, men of flight as a lion, and always with perfect control of their actions and their feelings.

Psalm 22:13 (a) The maddening throng around the Cross resembled lions in their hatred, their vociferous shouts and their anger against the Son of GOD.

Psalm 35:17 (b) This is a cry of the Lord JESUS for GOD to preserve Him from the fierce attacks of the enemies around Him.

Ecclesiastes 9:4 (b) This is a very graphic way of telling us that a great and mighty powerful man is of no value when dead. Nero, Napoleon, Stalin and Hitler have lost their power. The least of all living persons is better than the greatest of dead conquerors.

Jeremiah 12:8 (a) This represents GOD's own people who should have been of the sheep of His pasture, but instead turned against Him in hatred and rebellion.

Ezekiel 1:10 (b) This is one of the types of the Lord JESUS in which His great strength, power, majesty and sovereignty are represented. (See also Revelation 4:7 and Revelation 5:5).

Ezekiel 19:2 (a) The nation of Israel was compared to this animal. The leaders represent the parent animals. Their offspring are the cubs, but all of them are fierce and cruel in their attitude toward GOD and His prophet.

1 Peter 5:8 (a) Satan is thus described. This animal cannot be tamed to become a servant of man. Its nature cannot be changed. It is never constructive, but always destructive in all its actions. It is never a friend of man, but always his enemy. He is said to be roaring because he is always hunting up victims. The lion roars only when it is hungry. Satan is never satisfied. He is always in the business of devouring and destroying and is never a blessing to men.

Revelation 5:5 (a) CHRIST JESUS is the King of kings as the lion is the king of beasts. He is unconquerable and unavoidable. He cannot be defeated. He is afraid of no enemy. He cannot be hindered by any circumstances. He is always able to do whatever needs to be done for the glory of GOD and the blessing of men.

Revelation 13:2 (b) This animal reveals the terrible power the antichrist will have to tear, destroy and hurt GOD's people and all who will not bow to his sovereign sway.

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